73 reading and writing table lamp comparison test reports: Only 12 sample test indicators are good

Source: China Economic Network

The China Consumer Association and the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Rights Protection Committee, the Zhejiang Consumer Rights Protection Committee, and the Zhejiang Taizhou Consumer Rights Protection Committee conducted a comparative test of reading and writing table lamps in the first half of this year. The results showed that of the 73 samples, only 12 sample test indicators were good.

This comparison test sample involves 51 brands, a total of 73 samples, of which 46 domestic brands and 5 foreign brands. 36 models of self -purchased online, 37 purchases of offline malls, supermarkets and wholesale markets. The 58 models are mobile plug -in table lamps, 15 models are mobile charging table lamps. The 70 models are LED light sources, and 3 are town fluorescence lamps. The 65 models are touch switches, and the unit price of the sample ranges from 30 yuan to 1649 yuan. The inspection unit is Changzhou Bid Inspection Product Quality Testing Co., Ltd.

This comparison test mainly detects two aspects: safety and performance. Safety items include: tags, structures, anti -electrical protection, blue light levels; performance items include: power cord, shielding, illuminance, and illuminance uniformity, color temperature, general color rendering index, flashing, product information. For charging table lamps, the capacity testing of the rechargeable battery, high -temperature external short circuit, and battery identification requirement have also been added.

After testing, only 12 sample test indicators were good in 73 samples. The anti -shock protection and blue light test items of all samples meet the safety requirements. The 19 sample marks are incomplete, and the nine sample structures have hidden safety hazards. 14 sample power cords are less than 1.8 meters and are not convenient to use. The two samples are not well shocked, and the glare formed is easy to cause damage to the eyes. 45 samples are too low or the illuminance uniformity is not good, which will affect the sharpness and comfort of the lighting, and it is easy to form visual fatigue. The color temperature of the 24 samples is not within a reasonable range, affecting the comfort of the use. The general color rendering index of the nine samples is low, which affects the correct display color of the object, which may affect visual comfort to damage vision. 69 sample flashes have good performance, which is not a significant level of impact. Two samples are low risk levels, and 2 samples are high -risk levels. The information of 29 sample products is incomplete, which is not conducive to purchasing and use. Among the 15 charging table lamps, the battery capacity of 5 samples is lower than the bright value. There was a sample that failed to pass the short -circuit test of high temperature, and there were hidden safety hazards. There are three samples of battery identification incomplete.

The Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Commission reminds consumers to pay attention to the following seven points when buying and writing table lamps:

First, choose a product with complete logo. The identification is an important information and basis for the safe use and maintenance table lamp. Reading and writing desk lamps itself and packaging and manuals, the type of light source, general color rendering index, color temperature, production manufacturer, production address, product specification model, and 3C certification logo must be marked. Avoid products that are not marked with important parameters.

Second, try to choose the product of the purchase of the illumination and the uniformity of the illumination to reach the A -level product. When you buy, you can sit at the normal reading and write position and look at the lights, feel whether there are glare, etc., whether you can read it clearly and comfortably. The lighting on the desktop on the desktop should be relatively uniform, and the lighting area should cover the scope of reading and writing homework.

Third, children use table lamps, try to use the high color rendering index lamps. Generally, the color rendering index is not less than 80. If a table lamp with a low color rendering index is selected, the color reflected back to the child’s eyes will lose saturation, cause color distortion, easily cause visual fatigue, and may cause myopia.

Fourth, avoid using the exposed LED light source, the exposed LED light source can make the light direct, which may cause damage to the vision.

Fifth, try to avoid choosing a shiny desktop, because the gloss desktop will reflect the brightness of the lamp, and reflecting glare can cause visual fatigue.

6. To choose a product with suitable color temperature, select the color temperature value marked by the product, and choose a product that does not exceed 4000K.

7. Buy according to the need for the use environment. The plug -in table lamp is not limited by the time of use, the high life efficiency is long, and the degree of illuminance will be more stable, which is relatively suitable for reading and writing operations. The battery capacity is restricted, and the experience will be greatly reduced.

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