I want to shade and want to have type, summer hat planting grass and list

Summer is here, these hats are in line with all the requirements of the hat!

Wait until the summer, the intensity of sunlight will have a very large increase, just through some sunscreen, the help of the cream, is already unable to meet the requirements for sunscreen.

At this time, girls need some sunshade more nice hats to protect their skin.

It is very good to recommend several sunscreen effects today.


Fit girl in a hat wearing in summer.


straw hat

The straw hat can be said to be a hat that is very suitable for girls. Its special material, a little bit of a hat, and the shade can make girls get very good sunscreen help.

Moreover, this straw hat also has a very powerful fashion, and there will often be such a halt in a lot of fashion show.

When a girl is going to play, choose a straw hat is definitely very suitable, which allows the girl’s overall clothing to match a little cool feel.


Baseball cap

The baseball cap can be said to be a hacle that is most popular with girls. This hat is generally partially neutral style, and therefore, the fashion of the various design of this hat is more obvious.

The baseball cap has a special large hat frontier design, almost all of the sun light direct to the skin of the female face.

For summer, I love to go out, but I am afraid that the girl who is sunburden is absolutely very suitable. It can help girls who are very good, their own design is also very pleasant.


Big hat

This hat also has a relatively large hat design, there is a relatively good sunshade effect. However, this hat has a biggest feature that the overall style is more than a little bit of ancient art style.

If a girl is going to travel to Europe and the United States, this hat will definitely make girls with a sexy exotic.


Hat with a hat


In the summer, like a small fairy in the skirt, I bought a lot of skirts in the closet? You can don’t need the bottom of the box. Spring has passed, enjoy the summer cool and comfortable. A small floral embellishment skirt can be worn, and it can be inserted, and it is very sweet and purified.


With this big hat, it seems that this moment has entered the holiday, stretch your body and mind, get into nature, and feel the gift of nature.

Under the big hat, look specialty, Xiaobian’s small suggestion: The hat should not wear too low, wear it properly, do not block the sight is better.



The vest is mixed with denim short, summer cool unlocking mode. The black sling appears to have a temperament, the cowboy in the walker is very hipster, showing the long legs, and the upper and lower match is simple and comfortable.

Wear a width hat, simply add points to the overall shape, be sure to remember that the hat should not be too low, there is a small fairy in Liu Hai you can put the hair on one side and look refreshed and nice.



The fisherman’s hat is relative to the straw hat, although the hat is not so big, but it also reaches the effect of modified face type.


Top with a color matching mesh short-sleeved T-shirt, mix with a long sleeve T-shirt, quite casual and fashionable match.

The wide legs of five-fifth jeans plus a pair of pink high canvas shoes, which seems to be handsome and sweet.


Chiffon printing top, take a strap skirt, two-piece match, the trend of the trend.

This is the case, like to make a mix of clothing designed by different elements, create a novel trend style.

The veranders choose camel color, and it is not expensive to match, and the design of the waist is very thin.

The lower body is slightly loose, the length to the position of the calf, is refreshing and lady.

The color of the big hat and the color of the skirt is very good.


Chiffon pink dress, the design of pleated dark silk, it looks very gentle, small V-col col sea design plus the matte of the big hat, and the face is modified and the curve of the neck is displayed.


The geometric bag is a very popular model, and many street shooters love this bag, black and pink colors, sweet and classic.


Stepping on a pair of white, the shoes behind the feet are very good, unconsciously returning to the appearance of the youth girl.

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