3 students’ party summer dormitory “artifacts”, making your life and study more at ease, too practical

Summer is here, and many places have entered a high temperature mode.

Students who have already started school can feel the hot summer heat, especially when they return to the dormitory at night, a small space, and sleeping on several classmates up and down. If there is nothing to cool down, don’t want to sleep well this night.


Nowadays, the classrooms and dormitories of many schools have not been equipped with air conditioners, so as soon as the hot summer, the students have begun to be suffering.


Schools are not better than in their own home. I can lie in the air -conditioned house and eat popsicles. What kind of enjoyment is it.

In the hot summer, I want to study with peace of mind and sleep well, so we must cool down them.

Although the editor has graduated from college, it is clearly remembering the hotness of the dormitory in the dormitory when I was going to school. One year, I still came out of a mule. Not only did it feel itchy, but I also laughed at the girls in the same class for a long time. Visible.

Today, I recommend a few dormitory “artifacts” that deal with hot summer. I hope that students will not be as helping the students as I was that year, so that they can make themselves comfortable in the hot summer.

1. Small bedside fan

With no air -conditioning dormitory, small fans are necessities.

Although the small fan of the bedside is not large, it is enough to use it alone in the school dormitory.

It can be mixed on the bedside or on the table, which can be used in multiple scenes. It can also adjust the direction of the hair dryer. It is too practical to put it in the dormitory. Back to the dormitory, whether you lie on the bed or play games in front of the computer, can meet your cooling needs.

2. Mosquito nets shading curtain integrated bed curtain


The hot summer students are accustomed to sleeping with the windows, so that they can be cool and allowed to circulate the air in the dormitory.


Opening the window will inevitably come in with mosquitoes and flies, buzzing in your ears all night, it is annoying.

The mosquito nets on the bed curtain can no longer be harassed by flies and mosquitoes. The weather can not use the curtain without shading curtains, only mosquito nets.

The shading curtains on the bed curtain can also be shaped to ensure our sleep and create a personal privacy space for us.

The use of bed curtains is also convenient. It is not necessary to hang up once, and it can be used all year round.

3. Ice cushion mat

There are not many people using ice mats. It is the product that has only been prosperous in recent years. It may be why it is not known.

The ice mats are cold but not ice, lying up to soft, unlike the traditional mat as the traditional mat.

Ice mats do not need to add water or power supply, and can automatically refrigerate. This advantage makes students much more convenient to use.

That is, it is cold, cycle, these advantages are very suitable for students who are at school.

In the hot summer, when I return to the dormitory to sleep at night, there are these three summer dormitories “artifacts”, which can make you feel comfortable and sleep well, and you no longer have to worry about the hot and sleepy sleep.

With these summer dormitories “artifacts”, the students next door can make envious eyes, and make you live, study, and sleep in the dormitory more comfortable.

Sleeping well at night, the next day in the classroom to concentrate, listen to the teacher’s lectures carefully, and put more attention to learning.

What summer dormitory “artifacts” have classmates seen? Recommend to everyone, look for a hint of coolness in the hot summer.

Author: ArticleManager