Anti -static dust -free room consumable research and developer Niger’s technology new three board listing listing

News on January 19, the announcement of the national and medium -sized enterprise shares transfer system showed that the application for the listing of Niger’s technology was approved and the transfer was publicly transferred today. The securities code is: 835669.

The announcement shows that Niger’s operating income in 2013, 2014, and January to June 2015 was 52.390 million yuan, 46.2945 million yuan, and 19.52 million yuan; net profit was 254,400 yuan, 824,400 yuan, and 276,700 yuan.

Nigeria (Dongguan Niger’s Technology Co., Ltd.) was established on November 17, 2009. The main business is to develop, produce, and sell for anti -static dust -free room consumables.

Ni’s technology products can be divided into three major series, namely: (1) sticky dust series products: including sticky pads, sticky drums, sticky paper rolls, silicone sticky rollers, silicone sticky pens, sticky dust, sticky dust Paper and PE sticky dust books; (2) protective film series: including electronic protective film, carpet protective film and building materials protective film; (3) dust -free cloth series products: including dust -free paper and dustless cloth. It is used in the field of electronic information manufacturing industries such as LCD, semiconductor, hard disk storage, communications, and LEDs. After continuous breakthroughs in technology, the company is actively expanding its business scope to downstream markets such as medical manufacturing, medical devices, and medical services.

According to the information of the Daibei New Third Board Research Institute, Niger ’s technology listed on the listing is Dongguan Securities. The legal adviser is Beijing Jingyin Law Firm. The financial audit is the Asia -Pacific Accounting Firm (special common partnership).

Author: ArticleManager