It can become bigger, can ride, and can fit. This group of cute things really want to stop!

A person’s adventure is always lonely.


You may notice the crisis during the journey without discovering the end of the street.

It is also possible that when you are in a loss, you are still showing up by others.


The most miserable thing is until the end, you all …

This world is too difficult! (Cover your face)


But once you have a pet that has a skin that flew up, then it may not necessarily …


As a younger girl (of course, there are also innocent boys), Mu’s cherry blossoms who are looking forward to the object when they are young. After a lapse of 20 years, they met us in the new animation of “Magic Card Girl Sakura”. The second mantra of liberating the wand, the moment of use of the card card, and the yellow and yellow, long … uh, delicious small, all of them who always followed him, all let the hands talk about Ji.

This “cloth doll” with strange Osaka accent is eating and drinking most of the time. It is either playing games or boasting. He also loves DISS to hook away Sakura’s little wolf children’s shoes.


Alas, the ultimate protective girl!

Although Sakura often gets in the pit of Xiaoco’s deconstruction, the new chapter is always (ordered by Zhi Shile) to serve as a camera.

But at the critical moment, small can be changed to prototype, that size (?) It really is at ease …


The body is too big to get in

In terms of size, there can be a bear in the animation of “Elf Pokémon” animation.


The Pokémon, who was ridiculed as the “God Beast”, unexpectedly stood on the villain, ah, stood on the side of the true protagonist Rockets!


It is neither conquered nor obeying anyone’s command. As long as the Rockets do bad things, it will be interrupted very coincidentally. The nickname of the pink demon is well deserved …

Can fly to the sky, you can lift the ground, and you can lift his brother Gui to fight the Rockets.


Even Pikachi Pippi, who turned countless god beasts, took it helplessly.

The Rockets can only sigh in their arms. But! When the Rockets are in trouble, it can always dare to go to the scene, using the thick bear’s paw to take away the Rockets away like holding a doll -like manner.

The wind and clouds can shock the tiger’s body as soon as it moves. This may be the so -called big guy …

If you are used to being accompanied by a small or small bear, you will definitely be affected by their “bullying” or pitting, but you have to admit that the most important time, the ability of these two large pets is often very reliable. So they are taken care of … are not bad! (perhaps)

Not only in the animation, there are such (QI) spectrum (PA) pet companions in the game.

Think about that healthy, furry, very easy to block the gun in derivative games–


Put the wrong picture and put the wrong picture!

Do you remember that cute and cute fat?


A few months ago, I talked about Ji Ji to recommend it for everyone

“Great Wind


In the dreamy world of fairy -tale texture in the game, countless cute pets as fat as fat are the same as wearing bears. They are particularly able to play. They always look leisurely around you every day. Establish it instantly.

If you are in danger, and fight with them a combination of love, there is no crisis to overcome ~

Um? Do you ask how to talk about Ji?


His -too simple! No need to keep the mirror of the mind stop water, and you don’t need to be naked as you practice the “Jade Girl Heart Sutra”.


When you collect your favorite pet’s soul card, you can get their attribute bonuses and special skills to the card slot on your own equipment.

The most ecstasy point is that you can become cute, beast (?), Rush to the boss …

Of course, in addition to fighting, they are also our good partners in daily trip.

Patience in the early stage, go to the guardian island to capture the “guardian egg”, and then you can choose the most favorite cute thing to accompany your peers!


From the beginning of the egg, the fate of this concluded is not the same ~

And some have been together for a long time, but it is not just a common relationship like people. Look at this cute elf, and talk about Ji Qing.

Can’t work (wipe)!

The adventure is tired and sleepy,


You can also turn pets into a mount like Taishan,

There are so many maps, you can ride everywhere. The cute little leg was twisted, Ji really wanted to pinch.


In this way, they are really universal … just get married!

Meng Meng’s behemoths have conquered the hearts of many people.


If you also want to be comfortable and comfortable, let the adventure journey never be alone,

Just go to [TAPTAP] to make an appointment for “The Continent of the Wind” to be happy!

“Continent of the Wind” will open an unlimited number of Android on May 22

Internal test

At that time, experience the feeling surrounded by invincible cute things!

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