How to choose functional curtains in new houses?

The main role of curtains is to isolated from the outside world to maintain the privacy of the living room. At the same time, it is an indispensable decoration of home improvement. In winter, the curtains separate the indoor and outdoor into two worlds, adding warm warmth to the house. Modern curtains can not only reduce light and shelter to adapt to people’s demand for different intensity of light; it can also fire, windproof, dust removal, warmth, sound insulation, radiation protection, anti -ultraviolet rays, etc.

Flame -retardant



At present, the fire prevention specifications formulated by my country are required to have certain flame retardability for some public places such as high -end hotels, cinema, terminals, passenger stations, hospital wards, and telecommunications departments.

The flame retardant curtain cloth is a product carefully knitted by special polyester fibers as the raw material. The polyester fiber used has a good mold comparison and impact resistance. The weight is lighter and more tortuous. Fire rolls, carbonization, and insoluble droplets, when the fire is stagnant, it does not burn, non-burning, non-toxicity, and multiple washing permanent flame retardant products that are not invalidated by multiple times, in line with B1 standards (GB 17591-1998).

The flame retardant curtains are mainly divided into three categories. Faculty curtains are one category. Blossom curtains, folding curtains, and vertical curtains are one category. Rolling curtains are one category. The price difference between the first two types of flame retardant curtains is not very large, and the rolling curtain is the cheapest.


Insulation sunscreen curtains



The heat thermal sunscreen curtain refers to curtains with good summer insulation and anti -ultraviolet function.

The insulation curtains use digital segmentation technology of special insulation materials. It uses the perfect weaving technology and compiled weaving technology and finished curtain processing technology to push the technical data of summer heat insulation and day heat insulation to the extreme.

The commonly used materials for thermal curtains are polyester. Due to the characteristics of polyester material, polyester thermal insulation curtains will be much better. And polyester insulation curtains are relatively healthy and environmentally friendly, non -toxic and tasteless. The main thing is that the heat insulation and shading effect of the insulation curtains of polyester materials are relatively good. curtain.


Waterproof curtain


The surface of waterproof curtains is made of waterproof, oil -proof, pollution -proof, dustproof, and anti -static treatment. Licenses such as water, soy sauce, vinegar, and edible oil fall on the curtain cloth surface, it will roll off in the form of small water balls. Use detergent to wipe the stains, which is very easy to take care of.

During the use of multi -functional waterproof curtains, it is always not dusty during use. At the same time, it is free of cleaning, maintenance, maintenance, and cleaning. It has the characteristics of commonly used, energy -saving and low -carbon, and also has antibacterial and mold. The moisture -proof performance is also higher, and it will not be contaminated with bacteria during use.

Anti -static curtain


Anti -static curtains are generally made of PVC materials. There are transparent ones and blacks and blacks.

Anti -static curtains are not only anti -static, but also have good transparency. It can block the loss of air conditioning and heating, and can effectively prevent the invasion of dust and ultraviolet rays. The use of anti -static curtains with air conditioners can reduce cold air loss, and the power saving effect is significant. In addition, anti -static curtains can reduce noise decibels, prevent noise diffusion, and reduce noise.

Oil -proof




Kitchen curtains can not only come to shade but also beautify the kitchen decoration, but you need to face a realistic problem: cooking in the kitchen will cause a lot of oil fume, which will cause huge damage to the curtains. Instant, but we need to choose some suitable types of curtains, such as rolling curtains, rolling curtains have a contraction function. When not needed, we can roll it up. When needed, we can put it down, which greatly enhances practicality!

Curtains for kitchen are recommended to choose aluminum horizontal shutters. The kitchen oil fume is large and humid. The general fabric curtains are easy to dirty. After a long time, the color will change. The service life is the most practical than the shutters.

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