Do you know these leather women’s shoes matching skills? Full analysis of leather women’s shoes knowledge

Introduction to leather women’s shoes knowledge


The leather women’s shoes refer to the shoe categories that use natural leather as the upper, leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC, etc., and processed by sewing, adhesion or injection molding. The pneumatic shoes are breathable and moisture -absorbing, and have good sanitation performance. They are the highest grade shoes in all kinds of shoes and boots. Leather products have many superiority that can not be replaced by artificial leather, such as the suction, sweat performance, and the softness of the leather.

Types of leather women’s shoes


1. High -heeled shoes

2. Flat heel shoes

3. Fish mouth shoes


4. Leather boots

5, loose cake shoes

6. Leather sandals

Leather women’s shoes purchase guide

1. It is best to choose shoes at about 3 pm to around 6 pm, because the feet will be slightly inflated at this time, and the size can be guaranteed accurately


2. Put your own clean stockings when testing the shoe, which is convenient for you to wear and take off the shoe (especially the avers with a slightly tight -legged boots), avoid the embarrassment of sweat stains in the shoe you tried.

3. Check the skin of the leather shoes. It is not on both sides of the shoe on the side of the shoe. It is best to touch the leather on both sides when choosing the shoes to see if the thickness is uniform.

4. Choosing a soft and elastic sole can be more dispersed on the impact. When buying high -heeled shoes, buying a half -pad can also relieve the foot pressure moderately.

5. Choose shoes with a little darker skin tone than skin tone, which will look tall and tall.

6. The low heels of the ankle lace indeed help to show sexy, but it is also easy to look long, and the slender legs are more suitable for such shoes.

7. There will be some edema during pregnancy. It is best to give up fine heels. Choose flat shoes or low -sloped shoes with a certain elasticity and thickness. The number is slightly larger than usual.

Leather women’s shoes matching skills

1. The red stitching coat feels the atmosphere of spring. The blue denim tight pants with black pointed high heels are more sexy and stylish at the naked ankle, and at the same time there are elegant outfit of the workplace OL.

2. The red cotton socks are very charming, with a trace of mature taste. Black naked boots not only add high level, but also bring you a touch of sexy atmosphere in the cold winter. Black and wine red are the representative of the enthusiasm of winter.

3. This all -black shape with a pair of thick -heeled brown boots is fashionable and avant -garde, low -key but without damaging star momentum.

4. The color of brown -yellow socks is a bit too dull, not as bright as yellow and not as black as black. The satin -like pale purple adds a color of color, which has a sense of fashion for monotonous colors.

Templim women’s shoes clean and maintenance

1. Wipe the dust with shoe cloth or soft hair. You can wipe with a pointed brush at the gap between the heel and the body of the shoe body, and then put it in the shoe support. You can put it in the newspaper instead.

2. Do not use liquid shoe oil to avoid penetration into the skin. Use high -quality dedicated leather shoes cream to put the shoes on the leather shoes. Avoid applying the shoe cream directly to the skin, you should apply it on the shoe cloth or shoe.

3. If the leather shoes are wet, you should suck the moisture of the peeling shoes with a dry cloth, and then put it in a cool place to let the leather shoes dry naturally. Otherwise, burst or contraction will occur.

4. When cleaning leather shoes, do not wash and contact chemical solvents with water.

5. Care for leather shoes before traveling (especially rainy days).

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