The truly decent middle -aged men rarely wear these three “pants”, which will lower the grade to show cheap

It is said that there are 40 flowers of men, but it is often inseparable from greasy. It becomes a “rapeseed flower”. Maybe it is considered to be a body, but often the choice of middle -aged men’s items is the real decision. Factors, as long as the single product is selected well,


To a certain extent, it can overcome a series of middle -aged crisis such as middle -aged blessings.


Let you seem to be a body.

The pants are a whole set of wearing bottoms. Whether the pants choose well determine the upper and lower limits of the wear. The middle -aged men’s pants are even more so. on the contrary,


If you do n’t choose well, you are low -grade in vain, and the price drops a lot

Essence Really decent middle -aged men rarely wear these three cheap pants.


One: Hip -hop pants

As a derivative item brought by the rise of hip -hop culture, hip -hop pants retain the classic style of the Western Hiphop, that is, the crotch drops, the original black people

The living conditions are not good. Children can often only put on the clothes of adults at home, so the drop -off file is very serious. This style has also become a standard dress in the hip -hop district.

Although there is no reason, there is no need for middle -aged men to imitate.

The most obvious disadvantage of dropping the file is that the legs are very short. After the middle -aged blessing, the belly has a clear sense of division. The proportion of the figure is a proper five -five -point points. After putting on the hip -hop pants, the legs are short. Give people a feeling of stingy,

Without a middle -aged man really need a capable feeling.


Like the loose and comfortable hip -hop pants, wide -leg pants may be a good choice, not only staying enough activity space, but also the overall version is more

Three -dimensional

It will not look sloppy, and it will not be wrong in matching. The thin effect is also very obvious.

Two: low waist short jeans

In the eyes of middle -aged men, the standard image of the American tough guy is a tendon meat plus a pair of tight -fitting jeans with a super -displayed figure.


Because tight -fitting jeans without waist modification are a disaster.

The fabric of jeans itself is not a kind of texture. If you wear jeans, you also want to be high -grade. You must make the version well. The waist is a very important bonus item.


The modification of low -waist models for body proportion is negative score. The image of short and fat middle -aged men generally attribute this low -waist tight jeans. Many people insist that the whole pants look sloppy when they don’t want to wear high -waisted jeans.


But in fact, as long as high -waisted jeans learn to roll the trousers simply, it can be very clean, and isn’t the long legs of three or seven points more fragrant?

Three: Super tight -fitting jeans

In recent years, ultra -tight -fitting jeans have been fierce. It can be said that it has taken a hip -hop hot wind. The department and the high street department are really handsome.

But for middle -aged men, the figure is the largest. Although men have the best muscles, they want to wear high street winds.

It’s really thin

Otherwise, it is not good -looking and not easy to wear, and you and others are sinned.

The Korean version of slim jeans are not so high for the body, and the outline of men’s overall figure can also appear. For middle -aged men, ordinary slim jeans are more calm and masculine. More in line with the needs of middle -aged men.

Fashion summary

The trousers are the upper limit, and it is also the existence of wearing the bottom of the pocket. The 40 -year -old middle -aged man is a big age. Don’t let the pants be dragged. The above three pants do not mean all pants, but it is very representative. Middle -aged men must avoid pits. Choosing the one that suits you, the calmness of the atmosphere will not make an error for middle -aged men.

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