How to practice arm muscles? 6 movements exercise twice a week to comprehensively improve the arms muscle circumference

The strength of the arm muscles directly affects the proportion of upper body muscles, and it will also affect the effect of strength training.

Especially when the barbells, barbell squats, barbell hard pull, etc., if the arm strength is too weak, it will be quite difficult to increase the weight. Whether it is the effect of muscle increase or strength, it will stagnate.

So how to practice thick arm muscles?

1. Train biceps first

The biceps are located on the front side of the upper arm. It is opposed to the triceps.

If you want to practice thick biceps, you need to maintain the stability of the entire upper arm, let the forearm move from bottom to top, and then restore from top to bottom to the starting point, so as to complete the process of peak contraction and stretching. With the increase of weight and training volume, the ideal stimulus effect can be achieved.

First of all, make barbell bend, and use two ways to operate with narrow grip and wide grip, respectively.


The narrow grip method can more stimulate the biceps head muscle long head, and the wide grip method can more stimulate the short head of the biceps.

It is necessary to combine the two methods, make a narrow grip 12 times, then 12 times, and make 5 groups in a row.


Then do dumbbell hammer bending, and use both hands and one -handed operations.

Change the anti -grip method to the grip dumbbell, so that it can strengthen the on both sides and unilateral brachial muscles at the same time.

You need to combine the two methods, first do two -handed movement 10 times, then do 12 times on each side of the left and right sides, and make 4 groups in a row.

Finally, do the dumbbells alternately, and use the first left, then right, right or left -left.


Using the starting position of the dumbbell, when the one hand is raised up with one hand, followed by the outer arms, the body is slightly tilted on one side, and the left and right sides are alternately done.


You need to do 4 groups*16 times. You can use the training when you are exhausted.

2. Cultivated triceps again

The triceps are located on the back side of the upper arm. It is antagonistic with the biceps muscles.

If you want to practice thick babes, you need to complete the movement of the forearm and shoulder extension at the same time in the state of the elbow flexion. The bottom reaches the maximum stretching sense.


First, do dumbbell neck flexion and extension, and choose a large weight for fixed group training. It can stimulate the long head of triceps.

It is necessary to do 8 groups*12 times. It is best to put the back on the back. If necessary, you can wear a belt, so as to increase the internal pressure of the abdominal, help complete the overall training, and stimulate the external head of the triceps.

Then do the flexion and extension of the bars, the body does not require excessive leaning, and the movement of the elbow flexion and elbow extension continuously, the movement speed should be accelerated.

You need to do 6 groups*10 times, and the calves on both sides are folded backwards, and the bottom can be aligned with the shoulders and elbows.

Finally, do diamond push -ups, you can separate your legs slightly, and the upper arm is tightly tightened on both sides of the body, which is equivalent to the ultra -narrow push -ups of the elbow, which can maximize the inner head of the triceps.


You need to do 6 groups*8 times. If you do it in advance, you can do half -way or kneeling movements. Slightly pause at the bottom can strengthen the stimulus effect.



The key to training arm muscles is mainly due to the upper arm muscles, that is, the biceps and triceps. As long as the two muscles are trained, they can be trained to the forearm muscle.


For biceps, we need to focus more on barbells. For triceps, you need to focus more on dumbbell neck’s back arm flexion and extension. It is recommended to arrange an independent arm training day, practice twice a week, and 60 minutes each time. As the strength increases, the load can be increased, so that the arm can be stronger.

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