Toilet cushion is toilet paper, but more dirty! why?

People have three urgent, when they must go to the toilet outdoors, do you also put the “toilet paper” on the toilet seat? Usually doing this psychoak is: avoiding bacterial contact infections on the toilet seat, but is the action is really useful?

The toilet seat is also clean than the bathroom sink

Pad bathroom is probably just painted in the toilet seat, the toilet cushion is actually more clean than the kitchen sink, and the average person is worried about the virus, bacteria infection, in fact, the incidence is very low.

Viruses of sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes virus, gonorrhoids, chlamydia, etc., survived outside the human body for less than 10 seconds. Blood dissemination, including HIV (human immunization deficiency virus) or even Zka viruses in recent years, unless it is transfected with body fluid, or the blood infection of open wounds, this action cannot be contagious. These viruses cannot be contagious.


So do you really have bacteria at the toilet seat? Of course, there is a staphylococcus on the toilet seat. If there is a scratch or damage on the surface of the skin, it may be infected, but Staphylococcus is actually the most common skin bacteria. “In your usual life, it has already climbed your body. “

Fee bacteria “atomization” infected environment is terrible

It is truly that the fecal bacteria are steamed into the air via “atomization”, and these bacteria will pass directly from the air to every place in the toilet, including your toilet paper. Therefore, it is recommended that the people cover the toilet cover as much as possible to avoid feces, such as toilet.

Steps to wash hands: the focus of real antibacterial is “door handle”


How can I truly avoid the various bacteria infected in the public toilet? Just abide by “Wash 3 Steps”, you can avoid bacteria and viruses:

1. Until before the toilet is washing hands, you can touch your nose, your eyes, mouth or any open wound.


2. Wash your hand, use soap to wash your hands for 20 seconds, especially paying attention to the nails, this is the most often hidden in the bacteria.

3. After washing your hands, pay attention to the handle paper to turn the door, the door handle of the public toilet and the washing station is the most bacteria.

If you find that the public toilet environment is too dirty, it is recommended to use it as much as possible, although the feeding paper is not effective in preventing skin contact with bacterial infection, but if this can play “health” psychological effects, nothing else.

The dirty place in the public toilet is not a cushion, but the fecal excrement is spread through the atomization of the pollution process.

Author: ArticleManager