Two practical leisure tricycles can be used by picking up baby and catching up.

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Some netizens leave a message in the background: I want to buy a three -wheeled scooter for the elderly at home, because they do n’t ride an electric car, they have to wait for the family to have time to go to the town to buy something. When going out everyday, you can get legal cards, and you can usually pick up children. Today I will share the two electric tricycles of Ema and Jinpeng for everyone.

Emma H7


Simple and round shape, double -row seat design, 3 people, and a storage barrel in the rear, the manned and loaded dual mode is free to switch. The front car basket+41L rear storage basket, a large -capacity storage space, is convenient for going out to buy a car every day. It is very practical.

Highlighting lens headlights, stronger lighting effects; full -screen high -definition instruments, can easily read various driving data, safe and intimate travel; high -density sponge seat pads with soft back, suitable for middle -aged and elderly people riding, people, people, people, people, people, people Play support, not tired for a long time.

The Emma H7 is equipped with a 500W differential motor, which can easily face 30 ° slope, and there is also a pushing back to climb. The 48V22AH graphene battery is equipped with 40 kilometers, and the battery has a free new service for 2 years.


Jin Peng Jinfu


This is a leisure electric tricycle designed by Xiaoping Dou. The front and rear double -row back to the seat. You can take a maximum of 3 people in the manned mode. In the cargo mode, the rear seat can be folded. The size of the carriage: 1100*815***** 255mm, you can install about 200 pounds of goods.

In terms of power, the car uses a 500W rear bridge differential motor. The battery has multiple specifications to choose from. It can be equipped with a maximum 60V30AH lithium battery, which is suitable for medium and long -distance manned loads.

In addition, Jin Peng Jinfu uses waterproof electrical components, which has sealing performance, and can be operated normally when it encounters water. Comfortable and soft back, the front hydraulic shock absorption, and the rear steel plate spring shock absorption, which greatly enhances the comfort of the ride.

In summary, both cars are more practical and well -known. Are you willing to buy a leisure tricycle for your family as a daily travel? Welcome to leave a message to tell your thoughts.


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