Disinfected wet towel, have you used it right?

During the epidemic, everyone pays more and more attention to personal hygiene and protective supplies, especially for disinfection wet towels that are easy to carry. How is it different from daily hygienic wet towels? How to use it correctly?


Different wet towels

In the tissue family, there are many categories of wet towels, with different standards and performance purposes. GB/T 27728-2011 “Wet Scarf” standards divide the wet towels into two categories: human body with wet towels and wet towels.


The concept of disinfection wet towel appears later. According to the industry standards of WS/T 512-2016 “Specific Specifications and Disinfection Management Specifications of Medical Institutions”, it specifically refers to the use of non-weaving fabrics, fabrics, dust-free paper or other raw materials as the carrier, purify water as production water, and add disinfection agent in an appropriate amount of disinfection agent The raw materials are made of cleaning and disinfection products, which are suitable for the human body, the surface of the general object, the surface of the medical device, and the surface of other objects.

The difference between sanitary wet towel and disinfection wet towel


Different scope of adaptation

According to my country’s industry standard WS 575-2017 “Sanitary Wet Towel Sanitation Requirements”, sanitary wet towels are suitable for cleaning and sterilization on the surface of hands, skin, mucous membranes and ordinary objects. The scope of application of disinfection wet towels is mainly based on the group standard T/WSJD 001-2019 “Loan disinfection agent hygiene requirements” issued by the China Health Supervision Association. This type of wet scarf is also suitable for hand and complete skin, but it is not suitable for mucosa. It is also suitable for disinfection of medical device surfaces and medical equipment on the surface of environmental surfaces and low -degree risks.

Common use environment for disinfection wet towels


Different indicators requirements

Combined with the above standards, you will find that the microorganisms of the two types of wet towels are slightly different.

Note: The pathogenic gyro bacteria include copper -green single -bacterial, Golden Plasite and hemolytic splin bacteria


The two types of wet towels are also different.

According to relevant standards, the demands of the killing of microbial indicators of sanitary wet towels shall be ≥90%of the killing rate of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. %; If it indicates that there is a killing effect on other microorganisms, the corresponding microorganism of the corresponding microorganisms is ≥90%.

The killing of microbial indicators for disinfection wet towel mainly refers to the table below:

T/WSJD 001-2019 Product Destroyer Microbial Index Requirements

Can disinfectant wet towel kill the new coronary virus?

The new coronary virus belongs to the β -genre virus and is sensitive to ultraviolet rays and thermal sensitivity. Er ether, 75 % ethanol, chlorine -containing disinfection agent, peroxycine, and chlorine can be activated. In theory, a disinfection wet towel containing the above ingredients is effective for the virus.

However, it should be noted that the ether and chloroform do not belong to the category of disinfection products; chlorine -containing disinfection agents and peroxylcetic acid are strong oxidized substances, which are high -level disinfection agents. Daily disinfection on the surface; 75 % ethanol is flammable and explosive, and is not suitable for large -scale ordinary object surface disinfection.


What do you need to pay attention to when using disinfection wet towels?


Although some disinfection wet towels are effective for the new coronary virus, if the method is incorrect, it may be counterproductive. According to the WS/T 512-2016 “Specifications for the Species and disinfection management of the environmental surface of medical institutions”, when disinfected by the surface of the environment, the concentration and action time of disinfection wet towels must be used strictly in accordance with the product description.


According to relevant standards, the disinfection time of disinfection wet towels is ≤1min for hygiene hands, and the action time for the environmental surface and ordinary object surface ≤15min.

Swicing and disinfection diagram on the surface of the object

In the end, when you buy a disinfection wet towel, you must pay attention to the product description and shelf life. Try to buy small and medium -sized packaging or disinfected wet towels with independent packaging. The use of large packaging wet towels is longer, which will cause the volatile of effective ingredients, so Make the sterilization and disinfection of wet towels greatly reduced.

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