Don’t install traditional wardrobes in the bedroom, so you can save money and save space

A large wardrobe in the bedroom seems to have sufficient storage space, but it is actually poor. The design of most wardrobes is unreasonable, there are many partitions and less drawers. The hanging area is severely compressed, which can easily cause a large amount of clothes to stack, and the bedroom closet occupies a large space, which is easy to give people a sense of oppression. so,

“Go to the wardrobe”


The bedrooms are becoming more and more popular, and many owners do not choose traditional wardrobes!



What do you use without traditional wardrobes?

Some owners will ask, “What do you use to store clothes without wardrobe?” In fact, you can use it


The design method has disassembled all the walls that can be dismantled, and turned the original protruding wardrobe into “hiding in the wall”, and there is no need to use many partitions in the interior. The closet and wardrobe are a bit similar to the popular wardrobe in Japan, but it will be deeper into the wardrobe in the wardrobe.

▲ During construction, you can design its appearance and internal partition according to your personal needs


Chorus and closet advantage

Storage is strong, save clothing effort.

The inside of the wall cabinet and wardrobe will be designed with a large number of rods and drawer storage boxes for storage. The space utilization rate is high and the storage is flexible and powerful. The clothes are hung or stacked into the drawer storage box. The clothes change the clothes and put them in a high place with a storage bag. It is clear at a glance. It is also convenient to get.

In addition to the flexible storage of the internal space, the key can also be stepped in to get the clothes, and it is easy to save effort. Those who have children in the family can also become their favorite hidden corner.

Can be reused and cost -saving.

“Shelf+curtain” is the most money -saving combination of the closet and closet. It can make a space for a hundred dollars to store clothing, saving a lot of costs. Moreover, the shelves can be reinstalled after disassembling, and there is no need to spend money to buy, even if it is moved or changed in the later period.

Environmental protection, no hygienic dead corners.

The design of the closet and closet can reduce the amount of board. If you make a large wardrobe, you will use a lot of plates. There will be formaldehyde. Storage of clothing with wall cabinets and closets can reduce hidden safety hazards. Do not do too much partitions and drawers, and reduce the corner of hygienic death, and cleaning pressure can be reduced a lot.



Internal storage artifact of the closet and closet


Because there is a completely blank space inside the closet and closet, the internal design will be more diverse, and the layout can be arranged according to your preference.

Metal shelves.

Fix it on the wall or on both sides of the cabinet, and then use the accessories card to fix the partition. The owner can adjust the position of the partition according to his needs and space size, thereby improving the flexibility of the internal storage of the wardrobe.

Drawer storage box.

The drawer storage box is used more in the wardrobe, and the biggest change to the wardrobe is neat. In many home houses in Japan, the wardrobe of many homes in Japan is composed of a simple clothing area+lower -level drawer storage box. tidy.


You can also remove the wardrobe partition to transform the wardrobe. For example, the middle of the wardrobe is all in the hanging area. The bottom of the wardrobe is made with a drawer storage box.


After using the drawer storage box, you can also classify and store it according to the type of clothes, such as T -shirts, sweaters, etc., and label on the surface of the storage box to facilitate quickly.

The partition+hanging rod+drawer storage box.


You can learn from the Japanese wardrobe in Japan, customize a long partition in the inside, fix the clothes rod in the lower layer, and use a drawer storage box at the bottom. These three combinations form a practical and convenient wardrobe layout method.


Extending rod/telescopic partition.


If the layer plate is removed, there is no clothing rod inside the wardrobe. Xiaoqi recommends that the telescopic rod is used to be fixed inside. The expansion rod is flexible, and the height can also be adjusted at any time. There is no problem with ordinary clothes.


If you want to store hats and bags, you can use the partition space of the top of the wardrobe and use telescopic partitions to increase the storage of items. Or put the telescopic partition in the lower layer of the wardrobe, and does not affect the layout of the clothes area.



Closet door style


The Japanese closet door has more choices than traditional wardrobes. Generally, there are several options for folding doors, PVC folding doors, suspension folding doors, or with curtains instead of the door.

Japanese folding door

The internal space of the closet is large, and the general pairing door or sliding door cannot be fully opened. Some owners will also put the luggage in the closet. In order to easily get it, they can make a wardrobe border in the closet, and then customize the folding door.

Generally, the wood material is selected, which is more textured. For small units, the folding door is also a trick to save space. It is also convenient to get the clothes, push the door to any side.


PVC folding door

(Japanese -style Tichigawa Gate), cheap, easy to install, relatively lightweight and not occupying much space, more suitable for small apartment families, easy folding and taking care of them.

Use the curtain instead


Essence The use of curtains and wardrobes is the most suitable and most money -saving way. It is also convenient to open. Xiaoqi suggested that choosing a vertical fabric will be more beautiful.



Precautions for the installation of the closet and closet

Wall load

Essence Because the clothes are directly hung on the wall, it is necessary to consider load -bearing issues. It is best to be a load -bearing wall against the wall. You don’t need to worry about putting more clothes. If it is a new wall, the brick wall is recommended, the load -bearing effect is good, and the depth of the newly built side wall should be at least 60 cm.


Essence Removing the wardrobe is easy to get wet. If the clothes and the wall are separated by a layer of cabinet, the clothes can be avoided. If in a humid area, you can choose not to be afraid of humid diatom mud walls, or wet dehumidifiers, charcoal bags, etc. in the cabinet.


The storage method of the closet and closet is flexible, the storage volume is large, and it is convenient to get it. This is why more and more people choose it.


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