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Every time I go to Daoxiang Village, a dish must be bought is Sujin. This dish can be eaten with cold and hot, and there is no special restrictions on ingredients. Fungus, shiitake mushrooms, and various soybean products are randomly matched, salty and delicious, rich in nutrition, and suitable for all ages. It is a vegetarian dish that can eat meat.

By Xiaoxiaoqing back to China


Ferlogen compression of the fungus

6 dried shiitake mushrooms



A moderate amount of peanut rice

Two spoons of raw soy sauce


Old sauce

Oily amount

Appropriate amount

Three ginger

A big ingredient

One spoonful of sugar

Waste oil

Practice step


1. Soak the fungus with water and wash it in advance

2. Dry shiitake mushrooms are soaked in advance


3. Bamboo soak


4. Foam the peanut rice and wash it and put it on the water, and use the microwave oven for about 10 minutes.


5. Put the water in the pot and simmer the water for the water.

6. Simp the fungus water


7. Simp the shiitake mushrooms, control all the ingredients.

8. Put oil in the pot, stun the green onion, ginger and big ingredients.


9. Put fungus, shiitake mushrooms and yuba.

10. Stir -fry in peanut rice evenly

11. Put two spoons of raw soy sauce, a little old soy sauce, a spoonful of sugar, appropriate amount of salt, stir -fry evenly, put some water for a while, and dry the soup.

12. Put some sesame oil before the pan, eat cold and heat, and hot summer, Su Sujin puts it in the refrigerator.

Nutrition of fungus


The fungus is sweet, flat, and returns to the stomach and the large intestine; it has the effects of nourishing qi, moisturizing the lungs, nourishing the brain, light body, cooling blood, hemostasis, astringent intestines, blood circulation, strong aspirations, and nourishing. Causes diarrhea, omissions, hematuria, gum pain, desertor, blood in the stool.


1. Tonic qi and blood

The fungus is hailed by a nutritionist as the 荤 木 荤 ‘and the king of the “Su Zhongzhong”. Each 100 grams of black fungus contains 185 mg of iron. Pork liver with the highest iron content in sexual food is about 7 times higher. It is the most iron content of all kinds of vegetarian foods to nourish the blood, which is rosy, glowing, and can prevent iron deficiency anemia; reduce Platelet blocks prevent the occurrence of thrombosis, prevent atherosclerosis and the occurrence of coronary heart disease.


2. Weight weight loss and anti -cancer cure constipation

It can promote gastrointestinal motility, promote the excretion of bowel fat foods, reduce the absorption of fat in food, and prevent obesity. At the same time, because these two substances can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, are conducive to timely toxic substances in the body in the body. Clear and discharge, thereby preventing the role of rectal cancer and other digestive system cancer. Therefore, the elderly, especially the elderly, who have constipation habits, insist on eating black fungus, often eating fungus porridge, and have good effects on preventing various elderly diseases, anti -cancer, anti -cancer, and delaying aging.

3. Clearing the stomach


The fungus can concentrate the dust and impurities adsorption of the human digestive system and discharge the body, which plays the role of clearing the stomach and poem intestines. It also has a significant resolution function for endogenous foreign bodies such as gallstones and kidney stones.

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