warm! Free cotton jackets for students in colleges and universities, with diverse styles

Recently, Luoyang Institute of Technology in Henan has distributed winter cotton clothes for more than 300 families with economic difficulties.

In order to allow students to choose by themselves, the school specially bought a variety of colors and styles, and students can try it on. This activity has been carried out for 12 consecutive years, bringing a little warmth to poor students in the cold winter.


In addition to Luoyang Institute of Technology, Tianjin University also sent winter clothes.

Recently, Tianjin University launched an annual special funding activity- “send winter clothing for students with financial difficulties.”


Whenever the winter is coming, Tianjin University remembers those students who have left home for the first time. This year, the school issued a warm winter clothing for 150 undergraduates with economic difficulties of 2021 families.

From the original military coat to the later warm underwear, to this year’s warm winter gift package. The “warm action” of Tianjin University has persisted for thirty years.

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