Yang Chao attended the e -contest, the suit+short skirt was full of style, and the “long legs” grabbed the mirror

In the impression of many people, the suit shape has a strong sense of formal sense. However, in recent years, the styles of suits have become more and more diverse, which not only retains the characteristics of the original slim and thin, and does not bring too much dull atmosphere. Mixing and matching with short skirts can also look sweet and fresh.


Yang Chaochao’s recently -in -style wearing is to create a girlish feeling by using a pleated skirt. However, this kind of college short skirt is not suitable for everyone, especially when your leg shape is not straight enough, wearing a large skirt with a large skin area will lack beauty.

Small directory in this issue:

1. Yang Chao’s wear analysis;

2. How to match a age -reducing and fashionable suit;


Yang Chao’s wear analysis

The items used in this suit style are common. The matching and skirts are matched, which can show a capable temperament, but it will not look mature. Such a combination can also improve the proportion, especially suitable for women with long waist and long legs.

The gray suit selected by Yang Chao has a classic striped decoration, which just echo the printing inwardly, and the shape is more and more overall. The eye -catching effect with red Mary Zhen shoes is very young and beautiful.


How to match an age -reducing and fashionable suit?

Tip 1: Classic style versatile style

When a woman is creating a fashionable suit, she needs to avoid conservative items. For example, a suit jacket with a strong sense of career and a classic one -step skirt will look particularly mature on the body. Wearing this time in daily leisure, it looks even more contacious.

Yang Chao’s style of suit looks much fashionable. The shoulders and waist are slightly loose, and they will not look very professional when they wear it. Because of the thickness of the fabric, it also has a three -dimensional visual effect, which can cover up the fat problem of the upper body.

Compared with the personalized skirt, the pleated skirt has a stronger age reduction effect. The silhouette of pleated skirts is also gorgeous and elegant, which can create a strong sense of romance. For women who are not confident in their legs, they can choose to match a slightly pleated skirt with a skirt.


Tips 2: Striped retro and elegant

Whether the suit shape is dull and old -fashioned, it is also closely linked to the color matching. For example, the traditional black and white suit is difficult to make you look outstanding in the crowd. Although Yang Chao’s gray suit is also classic, it is decorated with special printing.

Although the stripes are classic retro elements, the stripes on Yang Chao’s suit are relatively sparse and the color is very low -key, so it does not look very old. The stripes on the inside are more dense, and the wide stripes are matched with a wide stripe suit, which can create a sense of visual freshness.


When we choose a striped item, we must combine our body conditions. Like those slender women, it is easier to control the clothing of wide stripes and horizontal stripes. Women who are fat, wearing such striped clothing, will be bloated than in the past.

Tips 3: Jewelry is eye -catching and fashionable

Yang Chao has many eye -catching accessories in this shape, such as red Mary Zhen’s small leather shoes, which dispels the dullness brought by the basic color suits and skirts. Maryzhen shoes are also playful and elegant, and there is no pressure whether it is daily or in response to formal activities.


The red shoes also echoed the printing of the suit chest, so it looked not abrupt at all. The gray beret worn on Yang Chao’s head is also very harmonious with the suit. The Breda hat not only has a retro and elegant sense, but also has a smaller face.

After watching Yang Chao’s suit style, we can find that even if it is a very basic suit, as long as the style is strong, and with the slim and slim down, we can create a fashionable and elegant styling effect. In addition, selecting novel accessories can further enhance the sense of eye -catching.

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