Turtay can eat! Agricultural rural parts have clearly listed them in aquatic animal management

Chinese sturgeon, turtles will be managed by hydroside. This means that there is a clear answer to the problem that the premiere of the ambiguous focus is a clear answer: you can eat it.

The official micro-signal “China Aquatic”, the official micro-signal “China Aquatic”, director of agricultural rural ministry, said that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the issue of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on comprehensive prohibition of illegal wildlife transactions on the day of the Agricultural Rural Ministry The decision to ensure the health and safety of the people’s lives and health will further strengthen the notice of aquatic wildlife protection management (farming fishing [2020] No. 3).


The notice is clear, to coordinate the relationship between the list, clarify the scope of the aquatic wildlife, and the national key to protect the aquatic wildlife list, “Appendix aquatic animal species is approved as the national key to protect wildlife list” and “the focus of artificial breeding countries” The species of aquatic wildlife list must be managed in strict accordance with the requirements of the “decision”.

Notice is clear, “Chinese sturgeon, turtle, etc. are included in the above-mentioned aeratory crawling animals, according to the management of aquatic animals.”

Notice, the competent department of agricultural rural (fishery) at all levels must seriously combine the responsible aquatic wildlife administrative licensing matters, formulating the improvement of working norms and the service guidelines, and strict approval management in accordance with the “decision”. Resolutely not approve the approval of the approval conditions and requirements. Strengthening aquatic wildlife logo management, for the scope of identification management, must strictly implement the relevant regulations of the identification management, and may not enter the market without obtaining the identity.

Tka, famous name is a common breeding turtle species. There are still some local species in turtle, including the most famous in the Yangtze River Water Town Lake, the Poyang Lake Watershed, this is the Chinese sturgeon.

The description of the “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is fully prohibited from edible Wildlife Ordinance (Draft)”, which is more concerned about artificial breeding, turtle, turtle, snake, bird, insect, etc. Small epidemic propagation risks cannot guarantee the safety of consumption, and the above animals are excluded from the range of edible animal.

This talker in Shenzhen, one degree triggered aquarium aquaculture industry.

Multi-ground turtle industry association, breeding enterprises gave the relevant departments of the National People’s Congress, local governments and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, some aquatic products also sounded, cautiously treated hundreds of billions of output, turtle industries of millions of employees .

According to incomplete statistics, the whole year has about 350,000 tons per year, with an annual output value of 500 to 60 billion yuan, plus seedling, sales circulation, deep processing, feed and other upstream and downstream industrial chains, with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan, industry employment Millions of people.

In the Chinese sturgeon breeding industry, I have been touched by 40 years, Chen Xiaoshi, the original president of the Guangdong Turtle Breeding Industry Association, Chen Xiaoshi, told the first financial reporter. “For so many years, China has been managed as aquatic animal product, belonging to Economic non-protective water products. “

The feedback of the Hangzhou Turtle Industry Association reflects that there are many national consumers recognized by the national consumers and the top-processed businesses, and the listed companies associated with the turtle, turtle, is a large-scale industry and survival of the farmers in Zhejiang. industry.

On February 28th, the Freshwater Fish Group Leader of the Prevention and Treatment of Aquatic Aquaculture Disease Diseases of Agricultural Rural Rural Areas, the chief scientists of the aquatic disease research in China Aquatic Science, Zeng Bing’s “China’s aquatic products” public authority, turtle, etc. The aquaculture has become an important part of the aquaculture industry in my country. It is an important starting point of rural economic and social development and farmers. Countless farmers rely on special aquatic breeding to get rid of poverty.

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