Recommended by mother and baby good things: Sakura Shu automatically sucks baby hairdresser, quiet waterproof hair cutter

It looks so high -level, I like it very much, and I also have intelligent display. I feel full of technology. I feel that I can buy a gift. The volume is whispering. The baby does not wake up when he falls asleep.

Volume: After turning on the machine, it is much quieter than my baby; cleaning difficulty: It is said that the whole machine is waterproof. You can put it in the water to clean it. I did n’t try it for myself, but the joint model I bought before was well cleaned!

The feeling of use is very good. The baby is less than four months old, and the hair is not resistant at all. It is quiet and can be washed with water. It is more convenient. It is easier for novice parents to get started!

Sakura Shu ESTU children’s haircut, adults can use shaver, neonatal electric push cut Linglong knife head ES840B

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Sakura Shu EnsSu automatically sucks baby haircut children’s haircut. Adults can use silent waterproof hair cutter shaver, newborn push, shear the exquisite knife head ES840B


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