Beautiful and cute little bear pattern children’s sweater set woven, detailed tutorials and illustrations

Recently, I have been a bit idle, so I woven a set of baby clothes.

Material: Silk protein velvet infant wool, buttons 5

Tools: No. 9, No. 10 stick needle

Dosage: Belt pants: 300 grams of yellow, a little brown; top: 200 grams of yellow

Size: suitable for 0-1 years old


Weaving note:


1. Use 31 stitches on the 10th needle, weaving 1 and 1 ordering thread 28 lines, (line 1, 2, tight pocket pockets on the top of the needle); 39 stitches side by side:

A grid flower 1, 1 tweeflower, 1 up to 1, 3 of A grid flowers (39 stitches in total)

Second, add needles on both sides (4-1-7), and then do not add needles at the crotch, and continue to add needles (4-1-3) outside the legs of the trouser. ), After 9 plaids are woven, the crotch starts to close the needle 2-1-5, to be released.

Third, weave 1 piece in the same way. (Pay attention to the direction of the crotch)

Fourth, combine the left and right two tablets together (2 needle edges and 1 knitting 2 parts next to 1), continue to weave 5 grids and close the needle (2-1-5, 2 grids), open After the shoulder is weaved, the second tingling under the tweee of the tweee is knitted in the middle of the twist, and the rear film continues the grid. Start collecting shoulder, method: 2-1-25 (both sides) plus 6 lines, and then weave 6 times with a scoop (12 lines) for flat collection (don’t forget to open 2 button holes in the previous film).


Fifth, after the suture of the front and rear sutures, starting the axillary. The axillary uses 2 braids to pick 3 stitches, and weave 3 times of rubbing needles (6 lines), flat collection.

6. The two sides of the strap on the back chip are selected 15 knitted coating needles, and the length is determined according to actual needs.


Seven, embroidered the bear in the first film.




1. On the 10th needle, 154 stitches (weaving together in front and rear films), weaving 1 and 1 ordering thread 16 lines, (line 1, 2, lower needle weaving, pocket pocket tight side); post -9 replace 9 Top needle plus needle to 164 stitches side by side:

1 grid flower, 1 twist, 27 B grid flowers, 1 on, C twist 1, 1 Grid flower, (for the sake of beauty, two twists must be selated)

Second, weaved to the length of 6.5 inches and start to open the split front and back films:


37 stitches on the right front, 5 stitches, 80 stitches in the rear film, 5 stitches, 37 stitches on the left front film

Third, the cage clot is 1-1-3, 2-1-5, a total of 32 stitches on the four sides, 29 stitches on each front film, 72 stitches in the rear film,

Fourth, the rear piece is woven to 10.3 inches to complete;

The front piece is woven to 8.5 inches long and starts to collect the mouth, 1-2-1, 1-1-2, 2-1-5, received 20 stitches, and the weaving to 10.8 inches to complete;

Sewing on the shoulders of the front and rear.

5. Sleeve (A grid flower): Pick directly on the sleeve cage: Pick 4 stitches by pressing 3 braids, first pick 44 stitches, and then take a braid 2 stitches, 1-2-12 each time 5 stitches, a total of 73 needle rings; the needle is retracted from 6-2-9, the weaving to 6 inches, all of which are closed to 50 stitches.

6. Clothing placket: Pick out the 10th needle, pick 5 stitches with 6 lines (3 braids), weave 10 lines of thread needles, and open 3 buckle holes.

Seven, collar: 10 pins, 3 braids pick 5 stitches. To 2.5 inches, pick both sides to continue weaving 6 rows and close needle.



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