Don’t use a transparent cat for your cat anymore

I believe that every shovel officer has a tool to go out with a cat to go out in the process of going to pet hospital, moving, fostering, etc. Although cat bags, as temporary pet containers, actually have a great impact on the health of cats. In fact, there are not a few cases of cats that cause cats to die.

A cat bag that was brought to fire by Fan Bingbing, a “king with the goods” a few years ago, has inspired a lot of shit officers to shop.

Fan Bingbing and her cat

Beauty and cats themselves are super -eye -catching topics. In addition, this cute and beautiful cat bag shape makes many shoveling officials look itchy: arrange for cats!

Coupled with the rise of Douyin and fast -handed short videos in recent years, some bloggers have gradually become the mainstream of cat bags on the market for the cat’s short videos of cat bags regardless of their eyes and regardless of their cats.

Popular short video

With the development of fashion trends, more and more cat bags came out, and Xiaobian suddenly found that it seems difficult to find a cat bag that is not transparent on the market. Opening the shopping website at hand, it was found that most of the cat bags were translucent design.


Open a shopping website to search for “cat bag”

Some shoveling officers may ask that this cat bag is strong and convenient, and a transparent sunroof can allow cat probes to see the outside, which can satisfy the curiosity of the cat. In fact, when the cat is forced to go out, there is no curiosity to be satisfied. They only have frightening and fear!

Cats are timid and sensitive creatures, and most of the pet cats are raised at home today, and rarely have the opportunity to go other than home, which also deepen their sensitive and timid character. For pet cats that have been raised for a long time, each time they go out, they only have fear and anxiety, and they will not be curious about the scenery along the way and the outside world.


The cat bag itself is narrow, and the cats are basically limited to specific actions in it. At this time

The transparent “sunroof” design on the cat bag is undoubtedly forcing the cat to accept the stimulus of the external environment and cannot move.


, Deeper the cat’s anxiety, causing cats to react!


Once a cat has a stress response, it may cause death due to frightened heart disease and suffocation of tracheal closure.

In addition, the transparent cat bag is not blocked, and the transparent part accepts straight sunlight. The material of the plastic material is not good. It is easy to cause the cat to have heat stroke and suffocation.

The tragedy caused by transparent cat bags has been staged again and again, and the search on the “cat bag+stress” keywords on the Internet is not uncommon.

Cat bag transparent (visual stimulus)+rolling wheel (hearing stimulation)


The death of a cat appearing above is the visual stimulus caused by the transparent cat bag to the cat, and the sound stimulation produced by the pulley on the cat bag, causing the cat to excessively nervous heart disease.

If your cat is less bold and not out of the door, please stop using the transparent cat bag immediately!

What kind of cat bag should I choose?

Bringing a cat is a very exciting thing for cats. The shoveling officers should try to minimize the stimulation of the cats. Choose a cat bag with good breathability, good privacy, and large space. Cat bag.

Good breathability

The breathability of cat bags should be used as the first element of choice. Especially in the case of long -distance moving and hot weather, cats may stay in cat bags for a longer time. At this time, the most important thing is breathability. The best breathability is of course traditional pet air boxes. Such boxes are specially used for pet transport, and even transnational pet transportation requires such boxes. Not only is it good for breathability, good privacy, but also large space, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to carry by the owner.

Pet air box



Don’t force your cat to see the world! Give the kitten a closed, safe space, so that the cat can

Be in a daemon


Relieve anxiety is the most important. But the standard of privacy seems to be contradictory with breathability. Here I recommend cat bags with rolling curtain. Such cat bags can not only be adjusted at any time according to the needs of cats, but also control the rhythm of the owner. The cat opened the roller when he was nervous to soothe the cat.


Cat bag with rolling curtain


Large space

Don’t let your cats limit in one posture for a long time. Some cat bags designed on the shoulders are not in line with the nature of cats, and the cats can only use a sitting posture inside. After a long time, the cat will feel uncomfortable. In addition, the space is narrow, which is prone to irritability or stress. A suitable cat bag size is to accommodate cats to complete the turn and sit in the bag.

Large -space cat bag

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