Just now: The professional brushing of the hand brushed the double eleven -brushing pants

“This Double Eleven, the sales are less than 100 million, and the merchants are embarrassed to send a war report.” A professional “brushing” of a live broadcast of goods.

Some entrepreneurs revealed to the pencil: Behind the numbers, they hid deeply.

Third -party institutions such as MCN need to complete their commitments to customers. The return rate behind false orders reaches 70%; in order to be beautiful, the brand will cover up the order of the order; even, (e -commerce) The platform will also directly require the brand to swipe: the platform needs sales, merchants need weight, and win -win.

The above, resulting in a surge in the business volume of some professional ordering institutions, and the price rose every day, which needs to be applied for 1 month in advance.

For the largest variables of the year’s Double Eleven, many entrepreneurs said to the pencil in unison: live broadcast on the live broadcast. Many entrepreneurs have been waiting for a long time, especially those who have affected the epidemic in the first half of the year are waiting for this Double Eleven to “return blood”.

However, the reality is that Double Eleven did set up a big stage for “big players”: they can get top anchor resources, and have the strength to invest in traffic acquisition. But for small and medium players, such as eating chicken ribs.

Some entrepreneurs even have a micro -word: “It can be said that Double Eleven is a ordering activity, officially swipe orders, and the whole people brush orders.” “I feel that we have become cannon fodder.”

The Double Eleven in 2020 was over a week, but the war was unprepared. Delivery, refund processing, follow MCN rights protection, follow -up recovery …

However, there is not much time for the re -inventory for everyone: after Double Eleven, it will soon be Double Twelve.

Note: The content of this article mainly comes from interviews with pencils and public information. The arguments are inevitably biased and there is no deliberate misleading.

Preparation before the war: traffic and live broadcast

“Starting in September, the company’s primary work is to prepare for Double Eleven, and work overtime is normal.” Lin Ke (a pseudonym) founder Lin Ke (a pseudonym). As far as she knows, some big brands have started to prepare for the war nearly half a year ago.

In the past few years, the preliminary preparations of merchants are actually divided into several parts: product preparation, access to traffic, and marketing activities. Product preparation is not difficult this year, but Lin Ke found that it is getting more and more difficult for small merchants to obtain traffic now.

The traffic is limited, but those participating in the Double Eleven have been increasing. The Double Eleven has developed to the 12th year. The traffic system of the e -commerce platform is becoming more and more mature, and the traffic is getting more and more expensive. In order to improve the ranking, small merchants usually only use the means of buying traffic at high prices.

“The traffic fee in Taobao Station may be three or four times more expensive compared with 4 years ago, and the strategy of many e -commerce is that if the merchant does not smash the money, they will not support any traffic.” Lin Ke said.

The traffic is getting more and more expensive and worthless. In the past, it was a good transformation to do Taobao. With the rise of platforms such as Pinduoduo and Quickness, traffic was severely diluted.

In addition, unlike previous years, the front of the Double Eleven this year was very long. From October 20th, pre -sale, to the end of the payment on November 1st; November 1st to 3rd is a small double 11, Immediately after the end of the 3rd, the second wave of pre -sale of 7 days from 4th to 10th. In addition, on the 11th day, the entire Double Eleven was divided into 4 waves, more than half a month back and forth.

Some merchants have a micro -word about this: such a long cycle, I do n’t know if it is to encourage users to place orders or guide merchants to invest in advertisements.

Even so, more and more small and medium -sized sellers can only follow the platform gameplay in order to not lose the team in this “artificial feast”, participate in various activities of the platform, and reduce their profit space, even if they lose money, they cannot be absent.

“The excitement is a big brand, a big platform and an anchor. I feel that I have become cannon fodder in the Double E -commerce Wars.” Lin Ke said.

Exit, or continue? Most merchants are not just facing a choice question. Lin Ke also thought about withdrawing from the Double 11 row war. He did not reduce the price, did not spend money to hit the ranking, but simply participated, how much can he sell, but she also hopes to take this opportunity to get new fans, so in the end, she can only grit teeth to grit teeth. The car continues.

She introduced that the promotion fee for her own stores now is about 50,000 per month in the e -commerce platform. This investment is not much compared to the big players who have smashed millions per month.

In addition to the changes in traffic, when it comes to the largest variables of the Double Eleven, Lin Ke, who is also an entrepreneur, replied with Shi Yu (a pseudonym): “Live with the goods!”

Different from previous years, live broadcast has become the “new posture” of many consumers. With the “three, two, one” of the live broadcast room, all kinds of popular products were snatched in the Taobao live room. On October 21st, Tmall Double 11 pre -sale was just beginning. There were 12 single categories in the beauty of only one category.

Shi Yu was also founded a domestic beauty brand. It naturally fits the attributes of live broadcast and bring, but it has not been a teacher in the battle of Double Eleven.

It is too difficult for ordinary brands to enter the list of head anchors. At first, Shi Yu wanted to go to the thighs of the anchor on the head, but under the rules of their selection, there was no place to show her new brand like themselves. For example, from Li Jiaqi and Weiya’s “Explosive Live List”, you can see the clue, clear head brands, such as Armani, CPB, Jiaolan and so on.

Even if it is abandoned the market logic of “boss eating meat and drinking soup”, the high -priced pit fee of the head anchor may not be able to afford it easily.

It is understood that at the moment when the live broadcast is as good as the day, the pits of ordinary anchors ranging from about 50,000 to 10, ranging from top flowing pits such as Li Jiaqi and Weiya, ranging from 80,000 to 20,000. It is about 20% -30%, and the huge live commission makes many merchants be expected to be unacceptable. Especially when the embarrassment of “selling the standard”, the loss cannot be underestimated.

Live water is too deep

If you can’t go to Li Jiaqi and Weiya, such as the top -flow celebrities can only find front -line anchors, but it turns out that even front -line Internet celebrities will turn over.

Shi Yu once ate a loss of MCN. Previously, she cooperated with a certain MCN. The data was very good during the live broadcast, but just when I arrived at 0 o’clock the next day, the application for returned goods came like snowflakes. The final refund rate exceeded 70%, and the speed of delivery could not catch up with the rate of return.

This time, when the person was introduced, Shi Yu spent a lot of money to enter the live broadcast room of a star, but the sales volume of the live broadcast still failed to meet the standards, and the other party refused to compensate.

The results obtained after paying the pits are not controlled, which allows many businesses to choose to build a self -bodied team. Unlike Shi Yu, Lin Ke was training the live broadcast team of his own company in the summer. In this year’s Double 11, Lin Ke fully upgraded the live broadcast atmosphere in accordance with the brand tone, and at the same time improved the construction and training of the live broadcast team. “Even if the effect is not good, but the anchors can take turns, extend the time, and save money.” She said.

During the Double Eleven period, Lin Ke’s primary work was to stare at the anchor live broadcast. The three live broadcast rooms were launched together on three different platforms, while Lin Ke inspected the three live rooms.

In fact, many e -commerce platforms value live broadcasts very much. Stores that do live broadcasts can get higher weights and are more likely to be searched by consumers. For a new brand, this temptation is too great. “And doing live broadcast, Taobao Xiaofer has different attitudes to you.”

But it is not so easy to do live broadcast.

The amount of viewing of each game is about 10,000, and there are only thousands or even less when they are in a different time. Most of them are old customers of the brand. “The traffic of the live broadcast has been divided by some top anchors.” Lin Ke said.

Moreover, the effect of self -a broadcast is not so significant. According to Lin Ke, the current proportion of self -broadcasting accounts for the entire e -commerce (sales) is not very large, and the store traffic and sales of stores only account for about 10 % of the total.

This Double Eleven, which makes Lin Ke want to vomit most is the battle report of his peers in the circle of friends. “The sales volume of hundreds of millions of dollars, how much water is in it, the practitioners know.”

In addition to brands, MCNs, anchors, and platforms this year’s Double Eleven, there is also a type of gray -produced practitioner -brushing hands.

Starting from the first working day in October, the brush -handed “Miss S” announced in the circle of friends that “please make an appointment in advance for the live broadcast business of Double Eleven, otherwise it is likely that the business is too busy to be temporarily unable to receive orders.”


Sure enough, on the day of the pre -sale of Double Eleven, the “Miss S” team was so busy that the demand was too much.

Since the era of the show live broadcast, the market has grown up a large number of data brushing teams. When the outlet of live broadcasts and goods comes, these teams naturally have to expand the scope of business and start ordering. Until now, the cost is not as high as expected.

According to public disclosure of the media, the price of artificial live broadcast order changes according to time. Taking the Douyin live room as an example, 50 single brushes, the single volume is not limited, the commission is calculated at the SKU unit price, the SKU single commission of 15 yuan is 5 yuan, 15 The SKU of the yuan-30 yuan single commission is 6 yuan, a SKU of 30-50 yuan a single commission is 7 yuan, and the freight of 2 yuan is paid.

In addition to manual brushing, there are also machines. According to public disclosure of the media, the price of machine brushing is relatively low, and customers can buy 10,000 machines to brush the popularity by spending 10 yuan. The price of manual brushing is relatively high. If the customer chooses the real person to enter the live broadcast room, you need to pay 15 yuan per hour.

The popularity of the live broadcast room, the amount of goods and the interaction of the fan, the anchor/MCN and the matchmaker (organizer) in these areas are not unusual. However, now the brand’s initiative to come to the door to swipe the order has also become a clear thing in the industry.

“Miss S” revealed that many brands will take the initiative to come to the door for a good -looking data. “Although it will be covered when contacting, you can see at a glance.”

On the day of Double Eleven, the merchants seemed to have a tacit understanding: the sales were not 100 million, and I was embarrassed to send a war report. In the early morning of that day, the data of major e -commerce companies kept swiping the screen.

As far as she knows, some platforms even directly ask the brand to make orders. “It can be said that Double Eleven is a ordering activity, the official order, and the whole people brush the order.”

The platform requires sales, and merchants need weight and win -win.

The Double Eleven World War was unprepared

On the first day after the “Double Eleven” carnival,#refunds#top -of -place Weibo hot search list. The video shot by a seller shows that at 0:11 on November 12, nearly 200 refund applications were received in the background.

At 0:05 on the 12th, the Taobao refund interface collapsed. This was the situation that even when Double Eleven started crazy buying.

Wang Han, with a refund rate of more than 70%, has also become a hot topic on Weibo for many days.

There are also many consumers who have just paid deposit in the live room, and the rear feet have a resale link on the idle fish.

According to the background of the merchant system, keywords such as “refund”, “not to”, “cancel orders”, and “don’t ship” are ranked among the keywords of all service stores to trigger frequency TOP10.

Although Lin Ke and Shi Yu did not encounter such outrageous return rate, it also reached more than 30%. In their opinion, it is mainly caused by consumer impulse consumption.

For Double Eleven, users have been waiting for a long time, not only consumers, but also many businesses affected by the epidemic in the first half of the year. They are waiting for this Double Eleven to “return blood”. This time, Double Eleven also drove domestic demand to a certain extent, becoming an important driving force for consumption.

Although the process is twisted, the purpose has been achieved for some merchants. In addition, even on November 11, this battle has not ended, and it needs to be finalized.

“Double Eleven is over, but our activities are not over.” Shi Yu introduced. “After each double eleven end, there are always fans who have missed Double Eleven, are there any discounts now? So we set up again A week’s return discount event. “

In fact, the Double Eleven Return in recent years has become the highlight of merchant promotion, which has also made some consumers no longer immersed in the regret of “missing a day and waiting for a year”. Shi Yu also said that in recent years, the preferential discounts of the return activities are no less than the day of the Double Eleven activities.

In addition, Shi Yu and Lin Ke said that they have not yet completed the order of Double Eleven, shipped, confirmed receipt, subsequent re -inventory, etc. It takes a few days to complete it.

The above are secondary. Regardless of the merchants or brushing hands, now they have begun to prepare for the upcoming Double Twelve and New Year Festival.

“Although it is impossible to catch up with Double Eleven, no one will not want this opportunity.” For Shi Yu, a new round of preparations will be started.

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