The young mother’s subway breastfeed, everyone was embarrassed, netizens: Why don’t you use a mammalous towel?

Some netizens took pictures on the subway. A young mother feeds her baby on the subway. Her husband was sitting beside him, just at the early peak, and the surrounding passengers were slightly embarrassing. Maternal love is great. It is helpless to breastfeed in public. Without the mother and baby room, the mothers can wear breastfeeding clothes and bring breastfeeding towels when they go out.

The comments from netizens are as follows, and they all hope that this mother will buy a breastfeeding or mammal towel.


Today, Duo Mom will share with you the purchase experience of breastfeeding clothes and mammal towels, so that mothers can avoid embarrassment.


1. Buy mammal clothing or mammals?

Breastfeeding is conducive to the recovery of the mother after giving birth to ensure the nutrition of the baby’s body development. In the case of sufficient breast milk, mothers will choose to feed for more than 12 months, which means that they will encounter in four seasons. When choosing, what kind of material, what season, lactating or mammalile towels require mothers to consider comprehensive.

If the city’s mother and infant rooms are popular, it is recommended to choose a suitable mammary jacket. On the contrary, both mammals and mammals need to be purchased.


Mammal towels are smooth, which can reduce the number of purchases of breastfeeding clothes

Mammal towels are very popular abroad, which can keep warm and shame. Mom wraps her baby in a small hidden space, which is convenient and fast. If the mother’s use of mammals is very good, you can buy a small amount or you don’t need to buy it. Clothes.

If mothers need to breastfeed in winter, it is recommended to buy out -of -mammals. Duo Mom thinks that even if her mother uses her breasts to use her heart, she will expose her belly outside in winter.

How to choose summer breastfeeding clothes?

Summer is really a season when the body is true and various shortcomings exposed. If the mother is not as good as her expectations, you may choose a vertical stripe dress, which will be thin visually. Don’t choose sleeveless skirts, it will look so fat, describing it in Duo’s words, is very strong.

First, it is to appear youthful and lively, but the most important thing is to cover some obese positions, sleeveless skirts, and lace mesh, the fat arm will not be exposed as a whole. And the effect of multi -layer network and multi -layer warmth.

Spring and autumn breastfeeding clothes, you can use a shirt skirt instead

The style of breastfeeding jackets is definitely not as many as ordinary clothes, and it is not cost -effective to buy too many out -of -mammals. After the breastfeeding skills are very skilled, you can replace the mammals of spring and autumn to ordinary shirt dress. When you need breastfeeding, you need breastfeeding. , Unbutton, sit down in a corner, just go. If there is no corner to cover, you can use the baby’s bag to be blocked slightly.

How to choose winter breastfeeding?

If you do n’t wear a breastfeeding suit in winter, unbutton the jacket when breastfeeding. After lifting the sweater, there is only a thin layer of autumn clothes on the belly. The effect is very unsatisfactory. Try to avoid getting sick during breastfeeding to avoid affecting the secretion of lotion.

It is recommended to buy a long -term breastfeeding suit with velvet. The clothes with velvet are more warm.

Whether or not wearing a breastfeeding suit, it is recommended to wear breastfeeding bra


The lactating breasts have no effect, and it will appear drooping visually, but breastfeeding is very convenient. Whether you wear a breastfeeding suit, it is recommended to wear breastfeeding bras.


With breastfeeding bra, even in summer, in summer, wearing ordinary skirts to breastfeed, unbuttoned 3 to 4 buttons, and can find breastfeeding opening on the bra with one hand, which is more quickly and fast.

One point price, one point, do not be greedy and cheap

Regardless of whether it is in a physical store or online, you must remember the price and one point. The wool is on the sheep. You can buy hundreds of dollars in the quality of dozens of dollars. Duo Ma does not believe it. If you buy it in a physical store, you can touch it with your hands and try it on. If you buy it online, if it is not good, you may wish to retreat and buy it again. Don’t be afraid of trouble.

Mammal towels can be replaced with small bags

The role of a breastfeeding towel is to cover the wind and keep the wind block the wind. The small bag can also create a concealed space for the mother’s breastfeeding. Bring a small bag, the baby can be used as a quilt when he falls asleep.

The current babies are basically standard for two adults. There are not many opportunities for mothers to take out. When breastfeeding, you may wish to ask his father or grandma to pull the corner of the small bag with his hands to give the mother and the baby a private space. If you have to take it out alone, the mother can also put the corner of the bag on the shoulders and use the arm as the fulcrum, and naturally falls.

Pay attention to the hair on the clothes to ensure no foreign body

When breastfeeding, you must see if there are hair near the breast. It may be the plush on the breastfeeding suit, or it may be that the mother accidentally sticks to the hair on it. In short, there are various possibilities. Before breastfeeding, you must see clearly, so as not to accidentally feed your baby to cause unnecessary trouble.


No matter which country in which country, breastfeeding is a sacred thing, it is worthy of respect. If you see the article, you are Bao Da, please give a big hug to the mother who is feeding around, express her love for her with a warm embrace, This is better than thousands of words.

Duo Ma also called on the society to pay enough attention to mothers, set up more mother -in -law rooms, and do not let great mother love always encounter embarrassment.

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