Urban library washing: How is the on -site car washing and micro -water washing? Is it reliable?

The duel of the urban library washing micro -water car washing and the traditional single -store chain store. In today’s society, there are two main types of car washing. One is a single -store individual operation. Urban library washing the traditional Internet car washing platform, with innovative business philosophy, high -quality service level, high -efficiency car washing quality, solving all difficulty in users of users to wash the difficulty of car washing. Do you understand the innovative industry change? The market occupies in the country is hot, and the urban library washing in 2021 will be an extraordinary beginning.

In contrast, the advantages of urban library washing the car washing the car to the door are as follows:

First, the urban library washing adopts a platform operation model, which will connect different merchants to serve customers, so that customers can have more choices and have more contrast. Especially when encountering some bad services, customers can change a merchant. In contrast, if it is a chain car washing shop, the selectivity of customers will be much less.

Second, for customers, choosing on -site services, the convenience is convenience. Due to the limited number of stores, chain merchants cannot provide users with on -site services, which will have certain limitations. In terms of offline car wash, urban library washing can also provide users with more nearby car wash shops for their choices. Do not bundle, users choose freely.

Third, compared to traditional chains, the urban database -washing entrepreneurial team has more experience in Internet technology and operation than them.

Of course, with the Internet platform PK, the traditional chain car washing store has its own strengths:

First of all, we know more about car washing services and the Internet than traditional Internet platforms. In terms of professionalism, we must be better. The urban library washing is believed to be better in car washing services.

Let’s take a look at the prospect of the business of the city library:

Opinion 1: Although the car washing is free of charge, most people do not go to the 4S shop to wash the car.

Viewpoint 2: Car washing is just a “entrance”, and it is necessary to add services such as beauty, fast repairs and fast insurance services.

Views 3: There are many opportunities in the car market. Whoever can do dirty work is both light and good, who can master the mass market.


Views 4: There are some demand. The store is no longer repaired within the Shanghai Inner Ring. The existing store car washing charges is basically more than 50 yuan. They screened customers by pricing.

Viewpoint 5: There is a hidden concern for physical car wash shops. Some even refuse to wash luxury cars. One is that they are afraid of damage to the vehicles. The other is that such customers will definitely not choose general repair stores during maintenance. So you can use the car washing to collect customers. However, it is also necessary to vary depending on the store and depending on the owner.


Viewpoint 6: The car washing team is still difficult to take maintenance, maintenance, and insurance policies. Even if a store with a head is a lot of customers, it takes several months to harvest maintenance and maintenance in the early days.


The urban library washing brand store specifically solves all problems such as difficulty in all stores and less customers.

Urban library washing was established in 2017 (Chengdu Renewal Camp Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.), focusing

Focusing on the “Urban Library Washing” project, the O20 20 model of online and down, offline services, the above door -to -door car washing is the entrance, the green and environmentally friendly car beauty products are the lead, and the community service outlets of the country are based on the large. Data operation is the core, and is committed to building a platform -based one -stop automotive aftermarket service platform. Bring a new experience of car owners a more professional and convenient car washing beauty maintenance.

This project is developed by Chengdu Regenerative Camp Environmental Protection Technology Brand Management Co., Ltd. with a high -quality management team. The company attaches importance to the research and discussions of environmental protection car washing, attaches importance to the management and operation innovation of micro -water car washing, and continuously develops and explores new related automotive services. The company’s business philosophy; integrity, service innovation, and environmental protection.

The urban library washing the micro -water car washing is increasingly favored by the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, unrestricted local restrictions, and low cost. It will definitely occupy more and more car wash services in the future, with a broad and infinite market development space and growth potential.

A cooperation, a lifelong friend, welcome friends across the country to discuss and exchange together, looking forward to going with you on the road of success, gathered on the top of the victory. Chengdu headquarters is waiting for you in the wind and rain.

Author: ArticleManager