Several good sweaters with short skirts

Even if the girl who loves beauty does not forget the shape even in winter, in a fashionable coat, what kind of dress/sweater/skirt/shorts is a big agenda every morning. It takes a little time to think about it. Today, we will start with the shape of the sweater+skirt. Stock a few beautiful sweaters to spend winter, and it is also used in spring ~


01 Doll collar and rabbit hair are perfect match. These two elements are the kind of pink and soft girly. Essence

02 We once had such a sweater. The simple and elegant lines are distributed regularly. Round necks, slim fit, can be worn alone, can be paired with a plain shirt, and then pick a A -line skirt with the same college style. Or pleated skirt, as if returning to the innocent campus time.

03 From when did we start to seek the word “temperament”? The once favorite pink system was put away. Tibetan blue, dark green, and light brown gradually occupied the wardrobe. The girl transformed from the original girl style and stepped into the city’s light cooked style step by step.

04 In this process, in the encounter with Meiyi again and again, we found a wider world, which are suitable and which can only be seen. Fortunately, there are gray, elegant and versatile, and matching short skirts with various colors can also be able to set up a variety of jackets, and the color difference between the balance of skirts and jackets depends on it.


05 Because of gray versatile, when we want to give life a little more color, we might as well be superimposed on the gray. With such a quiet and gentle background, the bright yellow gorgeous is less sharp, and a little bit more. harmonious.


The 06 tall girl is so wayward in the choice of sweaters, (well, Xiaobian is also envious and jealous, but you can only stare!) Tips for body characteristics), please try this one, fashionable and cute!

07 The memories of the natal pattern when they were young, those entangled from the middle of childhood, can still give us familiar warmth after many years, the sweater is loose, just hiding in it lazily, the neck has shrank in the high high on the high ones In the collar, this afternoon is used to stay up


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