This year, a kind of down jacket is called “light down jacket”, the real wear of the north and south, so beautiful

Winter wear down jacket in winter, the most fear is bloated, and severely draws down the fashion of overall shape.

When a down jacket, you can do a thin, non-heavy style design, take care of warm, fashion attributes, what kind of experience is wearing it?

The signature down jacket of the Uniqlo, the style is lightweight, the upper body will not appear bloated, there is no bunch of bones.

Speaking of this, I believe that many people must guess, it is

“Light down jacket”




North-South general real wear

Light down jackets are also very popular in winter in winter, like it.

Fashion appearance

Also prefer it to be excellent


It can be said that it is a soil image that breaks the traditional down jacket.

Characteristics of light down jacket

The reason why light down jackets is so popular, and a big reason is to benefit from its unique version.


Get rid of the traditional down jacket thick, bloated shape design,

There is almost no weight in the wear

Soft touch and comfort

It has a certain fluffy, which is very practical as a inner line or directly outside.


In general, a light down jacket’s filling is about 100g, and you want to keep warm and choose high quality goose.

But tell the truth,


The warm down jacket is really like a traditional down jacket that is fluffy, and it is necessary to make a reform and improvement in order to meet the light style design.

But as long as you pay attention to the way, the friends in the South and South can basically control.

Matching idea of ​​light down jacket


01, light down jacket as “coat”

In the southern region, because the weather is not particularly cold, it can be directly treated as a coat.

The simplest and tempered “superimposed” mode is a sweater.

Sweater suggest that the tobacco pipeline will be selected, mainly with a solid color, try to avoid ordinary round neck, V-neck and flowers whistle.

Short light down jacket + tobacco pipe collar sweater + jeans

Small children who don’t dominate the strength, the first choice of short light down jackets, the melted but the warm-up sweater is good, and the simple solid color is superimposed.

Under the body with a slim version of high waist jeans, tighten the leg lines help to pull long legs,

The upper body emphasizes the waist line, the lower body creates the perfect three-seven-point body ratio.


, High and slim.

Middle long light down jacket + tobacco pipe tower + casual trousers

If the body is tall, you can choose the light down jacket of the long version, and the length is placed at the thigh, and the maintenance effect is also better while increasing the length of the clothes.

Take a colored smoke tube,


Rich shape level

; Under the lower body with casual style trousers and small shoes, overall

Semi-formal semi-leisure

The style, the workplace can also be easy to control.

02, light down jackets as “inner”

In the northern region, you want to take care of warmth and fashion, you can use light down jackets as an inner and create multiple layers of superimposed effects.

Suit + light down jacket + sweater

Although the light down jacket is thin, it is not bloated, but when driving three layers, it is stacked.


It is recommended to choose a relaxed casual suit.

Provide sufficient space for the inner.


The prosthetic sweater is unified with pants, which helps longitudinal stretch visual to achieve high effects.

Even if wearing a pair of flat shoes, it also takes into account the temperament and gas field.

Coat + light down jacket + shirt + sweater

The four layers of stacked shape should pay attention to color matching,

Coat, light down jacket and sweater to choose the same color

In the middle, it is unable to make messy in the middle of the contrast shirt.

The lower body is mixed with black nine pants and tube boots, and the long leg lines are drawn to shape a more perfect figure.

If you are a high-level girl, you can also choose the long version of the light down clothes to wear in the coat.

Note that the length cannot exceed the coat

In order to avoid the fashion beauty of the overall shape of the whole down.


Light down jackets bring warm attributes and fashion effects, any style model can be easily controlled, let you refuse bloated this winter, keep fashion ~

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