Queen’s charm is full of 3D printing fashion fish scale ladies bag

2015-09-10 05:58:00 Author: Yuhui

[Zhongguancun Online Office Printing Channel Original] Women’s bags can show the unique charm of women, providing women not only convenience, but also a reflection of matching and temperament.Today, bags have become a must -have portable item for every woman, and even developed to a symbol of becoming a woman’s identity and taste.A good -looking and modern bag can express the temperament of the human.Whether it is a fashion flower bag, animal tattoo, light handbags, special environmental protection bags, you can please Ms. Beauty.Today, a designer in Italy uses 3D printing technology to design a unique lady’s bag. The appearance looks like a “fish scales” and like a pillow, but it is soft and comfortable to use.You can definitely earn enough to turn back!

Author: ArticleManager