I bought a low -equipped car, and these grade car products were installed in the car. My wife boasted that I had a vision.

With the development of society and economy, more and more people tend to be rational consumption. Take a car, compared with the configuration of high -end SUVs, many people will choose a small car. Such a car not only has low fuel consumption, but also Maintenance costs are also available for most families. In addition, there are some car owners. In order to allow their own cars to have the feeling of high -matching cars, they will buy a lot of vehicle equipment in the later period. Xiaobian thinks that this is very good, saving a lot of money but showing a high force.

But for those owners who do n’t know, they can only spend money but do not achieve due effects. Which vehicle equipment can make your economy and practical car have a luxury car -like driving feeling? How can you make your car look high -end? Xiaobian takes you to find out.


The driving recorder can be said to be the black box used by the car. By the engine, the engine can video recording the function of the video, and the video and sound of the vehicle on the way through the high -definition lens photography. When the accident occurs Self -right. This recorder has multiple functions such as electronic dogs, front and rear images, which is quite powerful and really readily available.

Cai Zhixing Driving Records

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Because the car charger shows multifunctional, portable, fashionable, has been widely used. The charger with a cigarette lighter plus a safety hammer three -in -one charger makes people want to buy it. It can provide a charging for a driving recorder, a car purifier, a navigator and two mobile phones. Charging digital products at any time. It uses high -quality metal shifts, which is more stable and safe, and the shell is also a very scratch -resistant material.


Rui Porcelain Car Dharma Charger

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With the rapid optimization of mobile navigation software, 4G networks and humanized smart map functions are given a great user experience to the owners. While facilitating use, in order to ensure the safety of driving, we need to install the mobile phone fixedly, otherwise It is likely to affect the safety of driving vehicles. The design of the suction cup is convenient for our installation and disassembly, and it will not be damaged to our car. It is very recommended.

Car phone holder

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People need to use perfumes, and cars must also use perfumes. The quality of car perfumes will directly affect the mood and safety of the driver, so choosing the appropriate car perfume is particularly important. It is derived from the left bank of France. It has a delicate appearance, smooth lines, and magnificent. Putting on the car to show respect, can remove the odor in the car, kill bacteria, keep the air in the car clean, adding us to add us to add us to add us to add to us. Elegant.

Tuta car perfume


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The silk ring pad is more and more loved by the owner, because it will give people a high -end feeling, and the foot of the silk foot pads is very good, super wear resistant and elastic. The biggest feature is that it has a certain ability to absorb the stain. It will not be dirty as other foot pads, which is dirty. It is still full surrounding type. You can design high edges according to the fluffy of your car. How high is the high foot pad, tailor -made.


Full Siege Silk Circle Car Pad

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The ashtray of the car is a variety of transformers in the car. People who are accustomed to smoking in the car have a ashtray without worry. It is not only convenient to use. Adopt high -grade flame retardant materials, good sealing, safe and convenient use, and does not take up space. It is definitely a must -have high -end equipment for car love.


Metal car ashtray

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The ice silk cushion is definitely the first choice for summer. The wear -resistant leather fabric is durable, stylish classic contrast, simple and simple, and one -piece head hat design. The use of the key. It is refined by natural cotton skin through science and science. It has good breathability, can automatically regulate dampness, and the sun is slowly heating. It is very practical.

Ice cushion

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