As soon as the new quilt storage bag comes out, it is clean and beautiful, and it is too intellectual

Storage seems to be a simple thing, but it plays a decisive role in whether the home can be clean and clean. Some people say that storage is a science, which looks simple, but it is difficult to do well. The wardrobe is an indispensable storage tool in the family. When the season is changed, when the housewives are worried, the wardrobe will be full of quilts. In Shanghai, a business found that a house was found, and the quilt never stuffed the wardrobe directly, and did this, clean and beautiful, saving space, too smart, took pictures for everyone to see!

The vacuum compression is closed in the quilt, and the thick quilt, thick cotton coat, and down jackets can be easily stored. As soon as it is drawn, it can save 75 % of space.


It is also a good helper for luggage storage. Three boxes of clothes can easily compress into a box, super compressed. The thick material is durable, and it is not easy to damage the life.


The hand -woven bag storage bag, transparent window, what is stored in it is clear at a glance, you don’t need to turn around. Movement and effortlessness and effort, thickened non -woven fabrics and preventing humidity, and good breathability.

Author: ArticleManager