What does the baby wear sleeping? How to choose at different seasons of sleeping bags at different seasons?

The baby always loves to kick the quilt when sleeping. I do n’t know how many times I cover the quilt for the baby in the middle Sleeping bags, preventing the baby from kicking and caught cold. In a few years, various styles, materials, different thickness and size have also been entered, and they can be considered to have some experience.

Today, share the experience of choosing sleeping bags, how to choose styles at different monthly age, what thickness and materials are suitable for different seasons.

What are the styles of sleeping bags?


Suitable for 0-3 months, because newborns are prone to shock launch, wrapped in preventing shock. Let your baby feel security.



Suitable for more than 3 months, good breathability, convenient for changing urine, autumn and winter babies will kick, can not cover the legs, it will be a bit cold, suitable for summer

One -piece

Suitable for 0-1 years old, suitable for babies who do not walk, the hem is sealed, avoid kicking the baby at night, but the baby may be limited



For more than 6 months, it is suitable for the baby to climb to walk, stick the package, keep the warmth better, and the baby is free to wear. You can wear it during the day and night, with high usage rate

How to wear a baby when you sleep at different temperatures 宝宝 宝宝 宝宝 宝宝


> 26 -degree fart short sleeves

24-26 degrees tulle sleeping bag+fart short sleeves

22-23 degrees six layers of long-sleeved sleeping bags+short-sleeved fart short sleeves

20-21 Sleeping bag+conjoined clothes+fart short sleeves

18-19 degrees thick sleeping bag+conjoined clothes+fart long sleeves

15-17 degrees thickened cotton sleeping bag+coated clothes+fart long sleeves+foot cover

<15 degrees thick cotton sleeping bag+ingredients+fart long sleeves+foot cover

Do you still need a quilt if you wear a sleeping bag?

First, see if the sleeping bag heating index is matched with the room temperature. If the sleeping bag is matched with the room temperature, you can not cover the quilt. Secondly, look at the temperature of the baby’s neck and back, and the back of the neck is warm, which means that the baby is not cold. If the neck and back are cold, it means that the child is cold and the warmth is not enough. You can cover the blanket according to the room temperature.

What details do you pay attention to when you choose a sleeping bag?


1. Zipper block to avoid scratching the baby

2. Two -way zipper, more convenient to wear and take off

3. Elasticity, baby activity is more free

4. The crotch is invisible to press the buckle, it is more convenient to change the urine is not wet

5. Appropriate size and not too tightly pine


6. Material that keeps warm and breathable

7. Choose a brand, guaranteed quality

8. Select thickness and warmth index (TOG) sleeping bags that match the current temperature

It ’s like starting the season recently, at night room temperature is about 20 ° C. It is recommended to enter cotton or cotton -grafted materials in autumn and winter, which is better for warmth.

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