Black leather pants add a trace of domineering to the original tenderness

Black leather pants add a touch of domineering to the original tenderness. Many people will not choose the right black leather pants, so let’s introduce the characteristics of different products based on several hot -selling black leather pants.

1. This leather pants adopt a tight -fitting version design, which can modify the leg shape well. Add contrasting color stripe element embellishment at the foot of the pants to break the monotonous sense, and at the same time, it can also play a decorative role, which is more fashionable. The design of the pockets on both sides is convenient and practical, as well as beauty and practicality, which is very suitable for winter wearing.

2019 leather pants winter plus thickened tights pants outside wearing bottoming and warm pants children step on their foot pants thickened

2. This leather pants adopt a tight -fitting version design, which can modify the leg shape well. There is a fold element decorative pants on the pants, which not only enriches the overall layering, but also has a thin effect. Coupled with the sideline treatment of trousers, it looks very fashionable and very fashionable.


Autumn and winter women’s foreign trade speed sales explosion models European and American street fold leather pants tight elastic pants

3. This leggings use a classic version design, which is very comfortable to wear. The pockets on both sides of the pants are decorated, convenient, practical and beautiful. The pants are treated with a hair side to increase the layered sense of the trouser body. The design of the loose waist is comfortable and not tight. The nine -point pants are long, exposing the ankle part, and more slender legs.

2019 Korean version of thin imitation leather leather leather pants female Yakuang thin leather pants large size nine -point pants manufacturer


4. This leather pants adopt a black design, showing a sense of fashion. There is a very classic color on the pants, but it does not feel too monotonous, and it can also be worn as leggings, which is also very versatile. There is also the design of pockets on both sides, which adds a three -dimensional sense of hierarchy.

[No broken leather] Korean autumn and winter PU coating leather pants female thickened and velvet large size wears thin black pants


5. This leather pants adopt a high -waisted design, which can modify the figure proportion well. The lace element is embellished in it, adding a few sexy charm, and it can also show the elegant temperament of women. Inner inside with velvet, the warmth effect is very good, and it also has a certain warmth, comfortable and warm upper body.


2019 new lace leather pants female high waist high waist autumn and winter plus dusted matte frosted and thinner

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