Laundry powder, laundry fluid, and soap are actually very different. Many people have used wrong


There are more and more types of washing products

Seemingly functional

In fact, there is still a big difference in essence

If you want to laundry clothing and protective clothing, the effect is good

It is necessary to use a different class to use

washing powder


Laundry powder is a chemical substance extracted from oil, which is generally weakly alkaline. Coupled with the added friction agent, the decontamination effect is very strong. so

When the clothes are dirty, use laundry powder can have a better cleaning effect.

However, the damage of laundry powder to clothing is relatively large. If it is not washed and left on the clothing, it can easily cause skin allergies and roughness.

Therefore, it is best to use the laundry powder to only wash some of the unusable materials such as jackets, jeans, down jackets, sofa hoods and other clothes, as well as cotton, hemp, chemical fiber.

In addition, when washing clothes with laundry powder, first dissolve the laundry powder in the water, and then put the clothes to avoid the laundry powder.


The ingredients of the laundry fluid are similar to the laundry powder, but the laundry solution is relatively mild than the laundry powder, the damage to the clothing is small, and it is easier to rinse.

Washing liquids such as hairy and silk such as fur and silk will be more conducive to the maintenance of the clothing. Some high -grade and wearing clothing should also be washed with laundry solution, and the damage to the clothing and skin should be relatively small.


In addition, due to the high technical content of laundry liquids, the washing clothes will be softer and fluffy, so the price will be high.


However, the decontamination capacity of the laundry fluid is relatively weaker than that of the washing powder. Therefore, when you encounter dirty clothing, washing it with a laundry liquid will be slightly more strenuous.

Soap (soap))

The ingredients of soap and laundry powder and laundry fluid are mainly derived from renewable vegetable oils. They are low in skin irritation and can also protect the fabric.

When cleaning the clothes with a washing machine, soap powder can be used.

It solves the problem of easy massage and static electricity, and the technology of combining washing and protection. The washing clothes were soft and fluffy, and the fragrance was longer.

Patriotic and hand -laundering such as baby clothing and underwear and underwear can be solved with soap or soap powder.


There are also a small part of the stain that accidentally dripped, which can also be treated directly with soap, saving time and water, and it is not easy to cause damage to both hands.

Such a statement

Do you understand?


Finally share a little trick

What should I do if my beloved white clothes are stained?

Step1: Prepare hot soapy water


According to the size of the pot, first plans about one -fifth of the crystal soaps into filaments or cut into small pieces, or buy soap wire directly, and boil it in the pot (you can also add hot water directly) until the soap is completely dissolved.


Step2: Soaked in clothing in soapy water

After turning off, put the dyed clothes in the pot immediately and stir. After soaking for several minutes, you can pick up your clothes.


Please do not let your clothes roll in the water in order to get fast, so that the clothes are hurting the clothes, but it will damage the clothes.

Of course, if the clothing contains wool ingredients, please do not do this. Wool will shrink when it comes to hot water, so it is not applicable.

Step3: Cleaning and soaking after soaking


After soaking, soak the clothes in cold water, or put it in the washing machine for a secondary cleaning. At this time, the clothes will become back to the original color.

If the effect is not obvious enough, you can repeat a few more steps, one and step two, and the clothing problems can be significantly improved.


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