Fashion trendy people who travel to the streets must have a big -name bipolar bag

On holidays, you need a delicate and playful backbag to liberate your hands, install the items you need, and the appearance of the shoulder bag is more age -reducing and playful. It is versatile with various clothing. Hurry up and you Love the universal big -name backpack!


Men’s backpack

GUCCI’s backpacks are quite good. Whether it is a flower design or a classic horse buckle design, it is full of retro atmosphere. Men’s back shoulders are large, and they are super capable. When traveling on vacation, you need such a huge and practical bag!


Ophidia series GG flower mini backpack

Women’s bags are more beautiful, the size in appearance is relatively smaller, the shape of the bag is more diversified, and the lines are more rounded. If you play, just girls are responsible for beauty!



Gabrielle trumpet backpack

Gabrielle, as a star of the Chanel family, is naturally unquestionable. Although the backpack is not the most famous style under the Gabrielle series, with its exquisite and cute appearance and unique feelings, a fan still has a fan.


Chanel’s basic backpack is also quite beautiful, especially the tannin’s texture bag is really too young. With metal accessories, it has an inexplicable feeling of youth and coolness!


LVXLOL PALM Springs mini backpack

There are too many styles of LV’s shoulder bags, and classic old flowers are really necessary to choose from the street! The backpacks of LV and League of Legends are really too good -looking. It is simply a combination of men and women. The combination of the League of Legends patterns and Monography canvas give classics different vitality. Who can refuse its charm!

Discovery backpack

This bag is really too elite. It is simply a commute model specially created for business elites. Of course, even if you travel on weekends, the outing of mountain climbing is quite acceptable. After all, how can I find the second one on such a bag of urban leisure fan!

Christopher large shoulder bag


Select PRISM translucent material that came out of the spring and summer 2019 to interpret Christopher large backpacks and sprinkle the spirit of climbing. The necessary fashion items for the tide people to travel. If it is not attractive, it will not be eye -catching! The surface of the laser reflects different glory. After the summer rain, the rainbow is you!

Bottega veneta



When the woven calf leather encounters a backpack, it is like Beijing encounters Seattle, one is lazy and exquisite fan, the other is a urban fashion fan, and the sparks formed by two different feel collision are extremely dazzling!

Which one do you like, you can leave a message and tell me!

Author: ArticleManager