2022 Australian immigration restrictions and lists of carried items

What are the latest regulations for tea, medicine, food, smoke, etc.?

As we all know, the strictness of Australian customs is one of the best in the world. What can be brought, what cannot be brought, and what must be declared, there are very clear regulations. So whether you travel to Australia, work or study, it is very important to understand the latest regulations for bringing items in Australia in advance! Do not be fined or even canceled your visa because you do not declare or bring inbound items in accordance with regulations, so you will lose your visa. So which items in Australia are absolutely prohibited? What can be carried but need to be declared in advance? Which items can be brought to Australia with tax exemption? What are the latest regulations on the entry of tea, medicine, food, and tobacco and alcohol? The ultra -detailed Australian entry restrictions and the list of items are prohibited, and friends who need it. Remember to collect it!

Australian entry restrictions and prohibited lists and related regulations

Starting from April 17, 2019, security personnel have the right to cancel your visa for all passengers carrying prohibited products in Australia! caution! It is not a confiscation of items or a fine, but the visa is directly canceled! Intersection Intersection And within 3 years you will not be able to apply for Australian visa! Intersection This new rule is aimed at

All Australian Temporary Visas holders

Including but not limited to:

· Visitor visa

· Tourist VISA

· Temporary work visa

· Student visa and so on

The following items are prohibited from entering Australia:

Fresh fruits and vegetables

All fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables cannot bring entry.

Eggs and egg products

All eggs, dried eggs and egg powder, and egg products. For example: moon cakes containing eggs (salted eggs, processed eggs or preserved eggs), salted duck eggs, salted quail eggs, or preserved eggs with duck eggs and quail eggs, fast food noodles and egg yolk sauce.


Except for dairy products from dairy products from non -mouthpiece, other ingredients containing more than 10%dairy products are not allowed. Including three -in -milk coffee, tea, wheat milk, milk powder, and fast food containing dairy products. But if it is a baby formula that follows the baby, New Zealand dairy products are possible.


All kinds of animals include fresh meat, dried meat, frozen meat, cooked meat, smoked meat, bacon, pickled meat or packaging meat, and all are prohibited from entering Australia!

Living animal and plant

Animals are like birds, birds, fish crawling animals and insects that are not allowed to enter the country. It is important to explain that compared with the United States, Canada and other countries, the difficulty of pet dogs to move to Australia is also a “master” level. If you want to bring pet dogs into the country, you need to move to the “recognized country or region” first, and the Australian side will issue an entry license for vaccination and blood testing. After entering the country, pet dogs need to be isolated for secondary, and some cases will be separated for several months. Plants, such as pots/naked plants, bamboo, bonsai, roots, stems, and other surviving plant materials and soil are all impossible to enter.

Seed fruit

Grain, fruit kernels, raw chestnuts, fresh peanuts, pine cones, fruits and vegetable seeds are prohibited from bringing into Australia.

Special Note

: Popcorn is not good!

Chinese medicine

It is forbidden to carry antlers, velvet antler, velvet antler, deer whip, Ejiao, bird’s nest; Cordyceps sinensis, ganoderma lucidum; toad oil, dry earthworms, any kind of dry animal body, Zihe car, lizard dried Chinese medicinal materials such as Niuwei entered Australia.

Some western medicine and Chinese medicine

Contains western medicines or Chinese medicines such as morphine, poppy, nicine, anthracerine (commonly known as cocaine), ephedrine or pseudohadine, scholarship (biaosine), etc.

Weapon and ammunition

Any weapon or ammunition cannot carry entry and exit, including tweezers, sticks, daggers, pepper spray, handheld electric shock device, etc.

Children’s porn products

Children’s pornographic products are illegal. Publications, movies, computer games, as well as descriptions, expressions, or other ways of processing, abuse of drugs or addiction, crimes, violence, terrorism, or any other other products that are disgusted or disgusting, including human beast exchange and Sexual violence. If you carry, face a fine and prosecution, the maximum is 10 years in prison.

Imitation firearm

Imitation firearms are replica or replication of any material or color. They have the appearance of guns and can be regarded as guns reasonably. Even if the imitation firearms are computer game controllers, novel products, replicas or toys, they must not carry entry.

Items with terrorism

Any publication, instructions, or urging publicity of terrorism, video tapes, movies or games, are banned from carrying into Australia, otherwise they will directly prosecute and large penalties.

Fake and shoddy products

It is forbidden to bring counterfeit and inferior products to Australia, including high imitation shoes, clothes, hats, jewelry, etc., as well as pirated books, discs, electronic products, etc.

Reporting in Australia with the following items in Australia:


In the case of the following food that meets the amount of self -dosage and has a formal packaging and composition description, as long as it is reported truthfully, the border inspection officer usually releases:


Smoked air -dried seafood products of canned or vacuum packaging,

Canned pickles, seasonings, seasonings,

Seasoning fragrant grass and spices, such as fennel, cinnamon, lilac, etc.

Bottle or canned soft drink,

Sealed canned or bags of tea,

Noodles and rice, including food soup on the plane,

Bee products, such as honey, honeycomb, bee jelly, beeswax, etc.

After processing and packaging, non -nuclear dried dates, shellless mountain walnuts,

Spicy in the snack,

Baby formula milk powder.

Cash/non -cash currency


The total number is equal or more than 10,000 Australian dollars or an equivalent foreign currency cash entry

You need to download and print in advance

“Physical currency cross -border flow table

》, After the signing is completed, it is submitted when the customs quarantine station is reported truthfully. If you carry a non -cash form of currency, such as:

· Bill

· Cheque

· This ticket

· Unknown bond

· travel check

· Remittance form, postal remittance order or similar order

· Any other transferable bills, etc.

Only need to be in customs staff or


When the police ask you to declare, submit it to the signed in advance

“Transferring Bills Cross -border Macro Card”

Perform truthfully.

special reminder

: No matter how much the amount, even a blank check, you must declare it!


As long as you carry medicines into the country


, You must declare truthfully! Intersection Intersection

Regular prescription drug declaration:

Provide a doctor’s prescription or certificate

, Remark the diagnostic results, the name of the medicine and the dose of the use,

And confirm it for the patient himself


· and

Make sure the original packaging of the medicine is complete

, The dose logo is completely visible, there are English version of drug use instructions;

· Everyone

You can only carry dose within 3 months

(Pharmaceuticals are calculated according to the maximum amount of daily use of each medicine).

Special drug

Hormone carried by athletes


Give or animal injection drugs (except insulin used in diabetes patients)

· from

Registered doctor

Diagnosis of proof

, Need to indicate

Existing registered drugs in Australia are not suitable for patients

, So I have to use overseas medicines; and submit the diagnosis certificate to



· TGA gives

Registered doctor send

SAS Approval Letter

· Patients hold the approval letter obtained from the doctor as a proof of bringing in the country in the future, but

Within every 12 months, do not carry more than 15 months

Drug entry.


At the age of 18 or above, it can carry up to 2.25 liters of wines, such as vodka, Rum, beer, wine, spirits, Buben whiskey, whiskey; and any form of 25 grams (cigarettes, bulk tobacco leaves, etc.) Tobacco (about 25 cigarettes), plus a pack of cigarettes that have been opened. If the cargo is not declared, it may be punished.

Animal horns, teeth, bones

Most animal horns, teeth and bones are polluted by seeds, soil and animal or plant wreckage, and allow them to enter Australia after declaration. If there is pollution on items, it will be destroyed. The angles, teeth or bones of the endangered and protective animals will be treated separately in accordance with regulations.

Cheese, butter, other dairy products

The conditions for allowing cheese, butter and other dairy products to be transported to Australia for personal use are: product logos and packaging; producing in the approved rumor -freelance country (product labels must be listed in the country); 10 liters; for human consumption; cheese and other dairy products must be declared and checked when they arrive.

Feather and feather products

If the feathers and feather products for personal use are allowed to enter Australia from any country, but the premise is that it needs to be declared and individuals can only carry up to 10 feather items.

Leather goods

Most of the production of leather products can enter Australia, including animal leather (leather) wallets, shoes and belts. However, it must be checked to confirm that the item is completely tanned and ensures that they have no pollution (such as animal tissue, soil, feathers, insects, seeds, bark).


You can only carry the battery capacity of 6V or lower electronic mosquito device and must be declared.

pet food

All pet foods need to be imported to enter Australia, so they must be declared.

Shells, sand, stones, fossils

If there are no insects, soils, animals, and plant composition pollution, these can enter Australia after customs quarantine.

Other items

Kitchen knife, single -piece knife, Japanese samurai sword, laser pen with a intensity of less than 1 millwathes, etc., can be carried into the country after declaration.

You can bring items that you can bring in Australia without applying

1. The total number is less than $ 10,000 or equivalent of foreign currency cash entry;

2. Only personal use, the packaging instructions are complete and below the specified quantity, and do not include prohibited ingredients, such as: biscuits, chocolate, candy, coffee, potato chips, some beauty skin care products and personal care products, vitamins and nutritional nutrition Supplementary agents, etc.


If you are not sure if the items you carry, you will declare “YES” at the “Passenger Entry Card”. Do not feel that you will not declare if you do n’t know if you do n’t want to be in trouble. Only if you are lucky and truthfully declare, can you save countless troubles! Intersection Intersection

Duty -free entry in Australia items

Most personal items

Each adult can carry personal items worth not than 900 Australian dollars (such as clothing, shoes and socks carried on baggage, and personal hygiene and beauty products (except fur and flavors), laptop computers, etc.). Carrying duty -free goods worth not exceeding Australian dollars in Australia. Family travel can accumulate the above amount. Family members include spouses and children under 18 years of age, and they must pass the customs at the same time. It should be noted that alcohol and tobacco products are not included in the tax -free limit of $ 900 in adults, while minors are not allowed to carry alcohol and tobacco.


Each adult over 18 years of age can be carried on duty -free wine: 2.25 liters. If the amount is over, then all the wine -not only the excessive part of the amount requires taxes.


Adults over 18 years of age can be carried for tax -free:

· A pack of unpaid cigarettes, up to 25 cigarettes (equivalent to 25 grams);

· And a pack of Kaifeng cigarette.

If there is a large amount, then all the cigarettes -not just the excessive part of the amount need to be paid. Adults over 18 years old can also carry chewing tobacco no more than 1.5 kg, but more than 25 grams need to pay taxes.

Australian tariff rate

If tax -free goods exceed the regulations, taxes are required. Australian tariff rate is on

Between 0%and 10%

, The average tariff rate is


Essence Some products are exempt from tariffs, such as laptops and other electronic products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can cosmetics be carried into Australia?

If cosmetics are packaged, you can carry entry (up to 10 kg or 10 liters).

2. Can tea be carried in Australia?

As long as the sealed or bag is not disassembled, those with regular labels can be brought to Australia. When entering the country, you need to report the entry card declaration truthfully.


Can Mid -Autumn Festival Moon Cakes be brought into Australia?

Moon cakes containing meat or eggs are prohibited from entering Australia. Moon cakes and chocolate moon cakes without meat and eggs can be brought to Australia, but you must remember to declare.

4. What are the regulations for carrying medicines to Australia?

First of all, all drugs carrying Australia must be reported truthfully! Intersection Intersection More common medicines, sleeping pills, depression drugs, cough syrup, white plus black, compound licorice tablets, Tyno and other medicines have entered the Australian customs “blacklist”, so you can use it as much as possible.

5. How much is the Australian immigration cash limit?

Australia did not set up the upper limit of bringing cash entry, but just said that more than 10,000 Australian dollars must be declared.















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