Is there a men’s casual shoes suitable for winter? How about a Peak Journey MAX high -top cotton shoes?

Pyk Status March Max high -top cotton shoes, new winter, trendy comfortable sneakers! The size is suitable, keep warm, there is no discomfort to wear, and the appearance is also good! The full palm of the rubber bottom, the forefoot, the back heel and the surrounding rubber climb, non -slip and wear -resistant!

Porkon’s official flagship store genuine, the wrapping is very good, what does the shape look like, very handsome! The material is a synthetic leather and fabric, and it is increasing internal, and it is not so obtrusive after wearing it!

The MAX high -top cotton shoes of Peak Mars are very handsome, super comfortable on your feet, and the soft elasticity of the soles of the polar shoe. There are many fluff inside, very warm, and can be worn in cold weather. The upper is waterproof and breathable. It looks large but weighs very light.


In the northeast, I do n’t move outdoors very much in winter. Wearing this kind of shoes is enough for winter!

It ’s just that the shoe code is too large. I look like a boat in a large size. It’ s one circle larger than my usual shoes. Although it ’s okay to wear it as a whole, it’ s really too big. You can choose a small one. In the future, I will also buy a Peak pole shoes!


Softness: It is soft to wear, suitable for a variety of roads, and there are many lines under the shoes!

As the face value of wearing shoes, the color is also the color I like, and I have no flaws. A pair of outdoor shoes, which can be received, the price of the activity is very cost -effective, it is worth starting! Intersection

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PEAK (Peak) Extremely MAX cotton shoes Men’s warmth, fashion, comfortable, earthy outdoor high -top casual shoes rice gray 41

¥ 459


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