These slopes and sandals in summer are super charming to wear

On a hot day, wearing small white shoes is a uncomfortable, but wearing ordinary sandals and cannot wear a charming feeling, then sloping sandals to save you.

Slope and fish mouth thick base sandals

This is a very comfortable style. The design of the one -type buckle is very retro. The proportion of legs is lengthened. It is very thin. It perfectly modifies the figure and increases easily. It can be very beautiful and sexy.

Thick bottom slippers


The green is very bright. It happens to bring a breeze to the summer summer, giving a relaxed and natural feeling. Although simple is not generous, it is still sexy with calf pants.


Slope Waterproof Table slippers

The true intellectual is simple and simple, it looks good, it looks good and thinner. The new style of fashion, the thick bottom of the straw, is very comfortable, not sweltering, and the design of the waterproof platform makes this slope and sandals more comfortable and convenient. A very intellectual one is very suitable for office experts. Let’s lead the office trend culture together


Slide heels and grass to make rhinestone thick sole sandals

Nuo Nuo, a super -eye -catching slope -anding sandals, which is very sexy and stylish. With the embellishment of a rhinestone, the exquisite rhinestone is very noble, the workmanship is very delicate, and wearing it is very delicate. On the skirt, you are the queen.

Wedge sandals


A very chic sloping sandals, a moderate height, a very comfortable dress, not tired, the design of the bow in front, trying this shoe full of the taste of the little woman, and any style of clothes can control this shoe. It is beautiful. Little woman; the beautiful embroidery on the shoe is as if walking from the flowers.

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