How to repair ground leakage? What are the ground leaks?

It is inevitable that the floor drain is used for a long time. For example, some people’s floor drains will leak. Once the ground leakage is leaking, it will definitely affect daily life. How to repair the leakage of the floor leak? When buying a floor drain, it is very important to buy a suitable product. What is good for the floor drain?

1. How to repair the leakage of ground leaks?

1. Floor leak flavor, analysis of the reason: This problem is likely to be because the water seal of the floor drain is not enough, so it is easy to dry up, which will cause the odor in the drainage pipe to be turned into the room. Solution: First, there is not necessarily a backwater bend in the floor drain, just add one in; second, change to a floor drain of the same brand and specifications. But during construction, be careful not to destroy the waterproof layer. Special reminders If this problem is found during use, it should be prevented from dried up and must be injected regularly. If you leave for a long time, it is best to seal the ground with a lid.

2. Floating water seepage, solution: Open the floor tiles around the floor drain, dig out 3cm deep in the surrounding cement, and then seal it with the “blocking leakage”. After 1 hour, do it. Water seepage can restore the original state.

3. Floor leaks overflow, analysis: It may be that the cross section of the floor drain is not smooth enough, and the sewage cannot be passed immediately, or the structure of the internal drain is convex, and dirt such as hair and fiber is hung.

Solution: The height of the floor drain is determined by the fabric method of the drainage system. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of the net high and ergonomics of the bathroom, the former’s sinking net air is 300mm, and the latter’s cushion height is 170mm. Drainage on the side. The commonly used dark ways are two types of cushion tubes for the local sinking tube of the bathroom structure floor and the bathroom.

2. What are the good floor drains?


1. Display water sealing floor drain, what kind of good advantages of the floor drain: First of all, its price is cheaper. Disadvantages: This kind of water sealing floor drain has no deodorant effect, and it is easy to block due to full drainage.

Reason: The water sealing of the water sealing ground leak is a piece of water blocking the back of the lid and the ground leak. It is because its water seal is particularly shallow, and the effective water seal is only about half centimeters. As long as the toilet flushing the water upstairs, the positive and negative pressure inside the pipe will destroy the water inside the floor drain. In this way, your odor is unobstructed to indoor, and it cannot effectively prevent deodorization. And because the design defects of the ground leakage are easy to block and the drainage is very slow.

2. What are the good advantages of spring floor drain and flip floor drain: There are many panel styles in this product, it can be determined according to your needs when choosing. Disadvantages: These self -proclaimed field leaks cannot prevent deodorization and are prone to blocking, and the life will be relatively short.

Spring floor drains and flip floor drains (there are some very core, floating balls, principles valve, gear, etc.) these floor drains are called self -proclaimed floor drains, and they are also opened with gravity and water. Closed down. This variety makes people look deodorant, but it does not achieve that effect in actual use.

Reason: Because the water quality of the floor drainage is poor and hair, etc., the sealing cover of these self -proclaimed floor drains is prone to dirty damage. Once it is not damaged, it will leak air and deodorize. There are also hair wrapped on those covers or clipped in the middle of the ground leak core cover. This mechanical floor drain, spring is easy to lose effect, and other gear bearing covers are easily damaged.

3, porous deep water sealing floor drain, what kind of good advantages of the floor drain: the deodorization effect is still very good. Disadvantages: The drainage speed is slow, and it is prone to blockage when used.

Reason: This kind of ground leaks are very good, but porous water can be said to be a very unscientific design, but the standard pipes left by the builder are 50mm diameter. These deep water sealing cores have diameter of 35mm-38mm. Once the floor drain is installed, the porous plane of the floor drain core is installed, and the pipeline and the ground leak core distance from the porous plane of the near -ground leaky core will cause resistance and affect the drainage speed. This type of design is easy to block due to slow drainage. Deep water sealing the floor drain uses porous water out.

How to repair water leakage? When the floor drain leaks, it should be repaired well. What kind of floor drain is good? Anti -deodorant floor drain is relatively easy to use. It is recommended that you choose more deodorant -proof -type floor drains when buying floor drains.

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