Weishida Dakang appeared at the German IFA exhibition, and intelligent security moving towards the world

On September 1, Germany time, one of the global consumer electronics exhibitions-the German IFA exhibition was held in the Berlin International Convention and Exhibition Center. Weisan Dakang and its new products such as C15S, C26S, C22Q and other new products appeared at the exhibition to show consumers from all over the world.

The Berlin IFA exhibition, also known as the Berlin International Electronics Consumption Show, is one of the world’s most influential consumer electronics and home appliances exhibitions. It is the most important platform for consumer electronics manufacturers and traders in all countries in the world to gather and display new products and new technologies. At the same time, it is also a place where everyone who enjoys technology and enjoy life. Every year’s IFA exhibition attracts millions of people from all over the world to Berlin. These people include consumers, manufacturers, and media. Of course, the protagonist here also belongs to exhibitors from all over the world.


For the majority of technology enthusiasts, you must go to the German IFA exhibition. As the main force and leader of the world’s security industry, Weisan Dakang naturally attracted much attention from consumers. Many star products of Weisan Dakang have also made a stunning appearance with the innovative technical strength and minimalist integrated design, which made foreigners give up their thumbs up.

Technology+art, there is no impossible

The appearance of C15S is beautiful and special. The science and technology fashion sense of mini fuselage and the Internet of Things products forms a perfect fusion to meet the needs of customer portable products. It has 1080P display resolution, so the picture is clearer, protecting your home in real time in 24 hours. The powerful mobile tracking and intelligent detection alarm function. After the camera detects the movement of the object, it will automatically capture and track the trajectory of the mobile objects, and push the alarm video to the mobile phone to help you go out and make a reaction as soon as possible to prevent it from preventing you and prevent it. Undaled before.


Intelligent momentum is unstoppable

The C26S follows the classic round and cute shape, and it is still familiar to the black and white match. It looks like a sense of technology. The appearance with a sense of science and technology flow. The appearance can be described as a vein with the D26S. The biggest optimization of C26S is to add the mesh end, and the stability performance is upgraded. Still classic modeling design, more stable use of performance, C26S can be described as a very hearty product.


C22Q uses Huawei Hisilicon chip, 4 million high -definition picture quality, and currently the pioneer of indoor models in the industry. H.265 video compression, 5G bandwidth. The picture quality is clearer and the video is smoother.


Weisan Dakang has a first -class R & D team to create a minimalist appearance. The indoor camera is not limited to home use, but also stores and office venues. The new interpretation of the perfect fusion of home appliances and modern home furnishings, providing users with ultimate experience products and services, making quality life more convenient and smarter!

Author: ArticleManager