21 children’s toothpaste evaluation “Previous”: 18 models need to be precautions

Starting from the baby’s first deciduous teeth, it is recommended to brush your baby to prevent dental caries.

Baby brushes tooth, toothpaste and toothbrush are indispensable. Some time ago, the stupid father evaluated the electric toothbrush (click to view::


16 children’s electric toothbrushes evaluation (Part 1): These 4 cleaning effects are average


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[Part 1], let’s focus on analyzing the 21 children’s toothpastes sold in the market to see which ingredients and effects are more suitable for babies and which are not recommended.

[Next], stupid father will also evaluate the cleaning ability and irritation of toothpaste.

Table of contents

1. Do not choose: 8 models without fluoride

2. Select carefully: There are too many types of sweets

3. Careful selection: 6 risk -containing ingredients titanium dioxide

4. Select carefully: 11 sodium laurel sulfate containing risk ingredients

5. Do not choose: 6 efficacy promotion is not reliable

The 21 children’s toothpaste incorporate this time is as shown in the figure

Generally, the baby starts to grow teeth when he is about 6 months old, until the age of two and a half grows all the deciduous teeth, and then starts to change teeth at the age of 6 until the age of 12 changes all the permanent teeth.

Therefore, before the age of 12, the baby experienced two stages of deciduous teeth and teeth. Many children’s toothpaste has launched two toothpaste products suitable for babies in different ages, including two options: 0-6 and 6-12 years old.

However, the stupid father found through comparison that the baby toothpaste of these two ages,

There is no obvious difference in ingredients

A minor difference is that it is suitable for toothpastes 0-12 and 0-6 years old. There are some non-fluorine in the toothpastes of children aged 0-6, and toothpaste for children 6-12 years old contains almost fluoride.

In addition, there is a type of mousse toothpaste that is different from traditional paste. Several mousse toothpaste products that are sold at the top of the volume have not been added.

However, this difference is important!

Some Baoma does not choose fluorine toothpaste, and thinks that the baby is too small, and may swallow toothpaste into the belly, worrying that it will cause fluoride poisoning, such as fluoroplasmic tooth plaque. But this approach is not desirable.


Both the American Dental Association and the German Oral Association (“DGZMK”) recommend

Using fluoride toothpaste for your baby can prevent dental caries

Because the bacteria in the oral cavity will be eaten with the sugar in the food we eat, and then the acid produced will damage the hard shell outside the teeth, that is, the enamel, which will eventually lead to tooth decay. The fluoride is currently the best and the safest ingredients for anti -mothing. Not only is it acid -resistant, it can make the teeth stronger, it can also reduce the risk of tooth decay, and even help to reverse the signs of early teeth decay.


China’s toothpaste standard GB/T 8372-2017 stipulates that the total fluorine volume of children’s fluoride toothpaste should be between 0.05%-0.11%, and adult fluoride toothpaste is between 0.05%-0.15%.

American Dental Association (ADA) suggestion,

Before the age of 3, the size of the rice grains for toothpaste

, Minimize the amount of swallowing as much as possible;

When the child is vomited at the 3 -year -old meeting, you can use the amount of toothpaste of the pea -sized toothpaste

(Left: rice grain size, right: pea size)

Calculated by the fluorine content of children’s fluorine toothpaste at 0.11%(that is, a fluoride containing 1.1mg of fluorine components per 1g) in children’s fluorine toothpaste to contain 1.1 mg of fluorine ingredients per 1g. 0.55mg (0.25g of toothpaste each time), but this is only the amount of contact. After brushing and mouthwash, the residual amount of fluorine in the oral cavity is about 9.5%of the contact volume, which is about 0.05 mg/day, and the distant low fluoride camera The highest limit to enter -0.5mg/day.

Therefore, according to the normal amount of toothpaste, even if the baby swallows toothpaste, it will not cause fluoride poisoning. Even in some high -fluoride regions, the probability of fluoroplastic spots in infants and young children is very low. But if you do not need fluoride toothpaste, you may lose the function of anti -dental caries, especially for babies who like to eat various sweets.


Therefore, compared with the fluorine content of 21 toothpaste, the stupid father’s suggestion is:

1. 5 hot -selling children’s toothpaste, including Yan Di, Haoya Jian, Newci Elf, Sanqi, and Dr. Brown, are not recommended to buy.

2. Mousse toothpaste has almost no fluoride, and it is not recommended to buy it.

3. Other fluoride toothpaste fluorine content is between 0.05%-0.09%and within a reasonable range. For example, toothpastes such as black music and solid teeth series, Pigeon, Lion King, Jiajie, Jordan, Haole tooth, Yunnan Baiyao, and Yandi probiotics.


Some toothpaste claims to be “swallowed”, and some are not declared, but in fact, this claim has nothing to do with safety. The baby who started to learn brushing was almost inevitable. Avoid less swallowing, one is to pay attention to the dosage when parents squeeze toothpaste, and the other is to guide, guide, and supervise the baby.

In order to attract your baby to brush his teeth and reduce your baby’s resistance, children’s toothpaste is generally added with sweeteners and some flavors to make the toothpaste taste better. However, the sweetness of the sweetener is too high, and the flavor is too much, which may also make it easier for babies to “eat toothpaste”.

By analyzing the composition of 21 children’s toothpaste, it can be found that almost all children’s toothpaste uses two sweeteners: sorbose and lignol, and some toothpaste also adds other sweeteners. Chlorogose (also known as trichlorotose), AK sugar (Anti), mossyl, sweet chrysalum, and Asba sweet.

At present, the safety of these sweeteners has undergone repeated research experiments at home and abroad, which will not threaten human health.


However, considering that the amount of these sweete agents in toothpaste is unknown and there is no specified limit, and the possibility of the sweetness is too sweet to be swallowed by the baby.

Choose a child toothpaste with less Sweeturool, with sorbitol and lignol.


Among the 21 children’s toothpaste, 10 of them use more than three sweeteners, as shown in the figure below, choose carefully.


Titanium dioxide is used as a edible pigment to add to toothpaste. Many adults use whitening toothpaste to add titanium dioxide, and sometimes the ingredient table will be marked as CL 77891.

Every time you brush your teeth, the white titanium dioxide will be attached to the teeth, making the teeth look whiter, but in fact this is an illusion.

As a child toothpaste with basic cleaning and anti -caries, it is not necessary to claim the whitening effect, and it is not necessary to use this ingredient. It may just make the toothpaste look more textured.

More importantly, research on titanium dioxide abroad in recent years has found that this ingredient may have potential side effects. The European Chemicals Administration suggested in 2017 that titanium dioxide was included in the material category (II) that suspected to cause cancer by inhalation. France proposed to ban titanium dioxide in food in 2019.

For a young baby who is easy to swallow children’s toothpaste, the stupid father does not recommend buying children with titanium dioxide. One is that the whitening effect is unnecessary, and the other is to avoid possible safety risks.

Among the 21 children’s toothpaste, including

The six children’s toothpastes of the Lion King, Shuke Baby, Haoya Jian, Yunnan Baiyao, Haole tooth, and Gaolingjie have titanium dioxide. It is recommended to choose carefully

Some toothpaste can produce abundant foam during use, which is actually the role of sodium sulfate (SLS) of laurel glycol.

Although this ingredient has strong pollution ability, it is more irritating, which can easily cause irritation to the baby’s mouth. Long -term use may cause symptoms such as skin allergies and endocrine disorders. If the baby is more resistant to toothpaste, it may be because of this ingredient.

Of the 21 children’s toothpaste, nearly half of the toothpaste used this ingredient.


In early January 2020, the Cosmetics Supervision Department of the State Drug Administration issued a letter of opinion on the public solicitation of the “Regulations on the Regulations on the Regulations on Toothpaste Records”. In this document, the 9 efficacy of toothpaste claims that the allowable term is very clear. And detailed requirements.

Among them, children’s toothpaste (suitable for 6 months-12 years)

It can only claim “basic cleaning” and “caries”

These two effects categories.

Specifically, the effect of “basic cleaning” can only be used in these words: cleaning teeth/cleaning the mouth, maintaining oral hygiene, maintaining oral health, reducing soft dirt, fresh tone, refreshing taste.

The effect of “anti -dental caries” can only be used: prevent dental caries, sturdy teeth, dental caries, anti -moth, inhibit the ore of the teeth, and promote the re -mineralization of the teeth.

Based on this document, it can also be considered that in addition to basic cleaning and anti -dental caries, other effects of children’s toothpastes claim that they are “exaggerated propaganda” and are not reliable.

Browse these 21 children’s toothpaste, some toothpaste’s efficacy claims that it meets the requirements of the above solicitation drafts. For example, a variety of children’s toothpastes such as Pigeon, Yandi, Hua, Gao Loujie, and Black are simple and clearly claimed to be “anti -moth”.

However, there are also some children’s toothpaste adding a lot of effects when claiming the product, for example,, for example,

Yunnan Baiyao and Sanqi

Toothpaste can highlight the protection of tooth enamel, and Sanqi even declared “reducing the problem of gums.”

Shock Baby and Yandi

Two toothpastes use probiotics on the product name. The Shuke Baby also claims that “can nourish the gums and balance the acid and alkali”, not only does it not belong to children’s toothpaste claims, nor the declaration of ordinary toothpaste.

As for the role of probiotics, there is no clear conclusion so far


Well, the composition of children’s toothpaste is over!

at last,

in conclusion

1. Do not buy “0 fluorine” toothpaste, such as

Yan Di, Haoya Jian, Newci Elf, Sanqi, Dr. Brown

Wait for 5 hot -selling children’s toothpaste.

2. Children’s toothpaste containing titanium dioxide (also labeled CL 77891), such as

Lion King, Shuke Baby, Hao Yongjian, Yunnan Baiyao, Haole tooth, Gao Loujie

Waiting for children’s toothpaste.

3. Avoid as much as possible containing sodium sulfate sulfate and two or more sweeteners (for example,


Symapailine, sodium sugar, AK sugar, Asba sweet, etc.


) Children’s toothpaste.


4. Approve

“Basic cleaning” and “anti -caries”

Two effects of children’s toothpaste, do not choose toothpaste claimed by other effects, such as Yunnan Baiyao, Sanqi, Shuk Baby, and Yandi, which claims to “protect tooth enamel”, “reduce gum problems”, “use probiotics”, etc. effect.

[Next], Stupid Dad will evaluate the sensory, use convenience, cleaning effect, and irritation of children’s toothpaste, so stay tuned.

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1. Do not choose: 8 models without fluoride


2. Select carefully: There are too many types of sweets

3. Careful selection: 6 risk -containing ingredients titanium dioxide

4. Select carefully: 11 sodium laurel sulfate containing risk ingredients

5. Do not choose: 6 efficacy promotion is not reliable

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