“You can insult me, but you can’t say that there is no Ultraman in the world”

Many years later, Pharaoh of the Social Livestock stood in front of a punch -in machine at 9:01, and he would recall the distant afternoon when he cried and took a flashlight to the TV screen.

The old king who had passed the situation and once fought side by side with Diga, now it is just an inconspicuous screw in the peaceful world.

But he always remembers that he and Diga have guarded this blue planet.

However, recently, Pharaoh, who was silent and abide by the rules, began to frequently run away in the colleagues.

Dangerous speech 01


Diga’s man can’t stand this grievance.

So, when he stood up, Pharaoh stood up, and his backhand thrown out a high -definition Ultraman family portrait.

Humans that could not be viewed by the light of Outto did not want to view the original map. They would only have a rare empathy when looking at the lipstick of the straight man at this moment:

Heavenly reincarnation, whose Ultraman has forgiven.


Since the man named Yuangu Yingji created Ultraman in 1966, there are only two kinds of people left in the world.

One is a person who has always believed in Ultraman, and the other is the person who is about to admit that he believes in Ultraman under the unremitting output of faith.

If you dare to send a string of “hahaha” in Ultraman’s topic, there is no doubt that you will become a spicy chicken without faith and spend the rest of your life in a moral depression.


But the world is big, and some people are always reluctant to believe in the evil of the Pharaoh.

For example, those girls who have been disassembled CP and fell into the shadow disk by their straight men finally found a way to destroy a boy for a second:


Tell him that there is no Ultraman in the world!

If there is no game, you can play the drama, play the ball without the Internet.


Even if Ultraman only disappears in short videos.


You dare to say that without Ultraman, they dare to transform you on the spot for you.


In their eyes, this world is evidence of Ultraman.


For example, each school must have a Ultraman incarnation building.

For example, a live broadcast was shocked to be captured by the wild Ultraman.

Moreover, the bottom line of the sales was very dead, holding Ultraman’s business license, rest assured to buy it, and pay for ten fakes.

For another example, how many flows in the fashion industry are wearing Ultraman uniforms in Mingli.

Not to mention, your mortals have a common god in their hearts:


Will Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse still lie? Speaking of Zhou Xingchi did not believe it.

There are so many evidences of Ultraman, the most obvious one is peace.


They are not proved Ultraman’s existence, because this fact is like the fire in the Weibo comment area, just like the water in the new media manuscript. It is so obvious that there is no need to prove it.


This group of children who had been integrated with Diga Altman were just remembered the mission of saving the earth and humanity.

At present, their primary task is to open up the ignorance mortals for me, and obliges to popularize the basic knowledge of Ultraman.

A cold knowledge (sharing from Pharaoh): Saiwen Altman can really see through everything. His Eye’s eyes are afraid of darkness. Even if you hide in space and escape to the ground, you can’t hide the gaze of Saiwen.


Once this setting is accepted, their behavior is not so difficult to understand.

Think about your CP, can you stand the gently saying “all hype” in your ears?

However, the basic fact that “Ultraman does exist” is just the beginning of the battle of light.

Dangerous speech 02. Ultraman never out, their English name is Ultraman.

After -sales service also includes:

Ultraman’s name


(Three Chinese and Japanese and Japanese text must be recognized all)

The appearance of Ultraman

(The round and thick of the horns without horns)

, Ultraman’s color matching


(Different forms of the same Altman also have different colors)



Each Ultraman’s transformer, the hometown of Ultraman

(M78 or L77 is still the earth’s indigenous people)

The relationship between Ultraman and Ultraman

(For example, Siro and Saiwen are the father and son of the father and son, the mother of Outon is CP)


What did Ultraman do something before the earth …


And, how is Ultraman breed.

Dangerous speech 03

Can’t blame humans too much, too stupid, this is a Ultraman human body

(Adult special comment: Ultraman’s container on earth)

The suffering that must be suffered during the missionary process.

Adults are too ignorant. This is the truth that Diga Altman has long told them.

Dangerous speech 04

The adults only shouted “we have to accept destruction”, and only the children will firmly believe Diga, to become light for him.

“Deadly a teenager”, do you think they said this is just for fun?


No, they refused to grow up to retain the ability to become light.

Dangerous speech 05

For today’s Pharaoh, it can only be regarded as a hardcore carving, which is no longer a humiliation.


At least the level of “Where is Ultraman’s zipper”, in order to trigger the boundless anger of Pharaoh and his comrades from the M78 Nebula.

Dangerous speech 06. Similar questions include “Is Ultraman fart drums” and “Is Altman shit off your body clothes”, which is outrageous.

What’s more, Ultraman’s noble skin wrapped with absolute strength, in the eyes of some people, it was just a “rubber”.

This is the difference between the Northeast mink jacket of the middle -class shake in the middle class. What is the difference? Intersection

In front of these thugs who have defiled their faith and destroy their dreams, the Pharaoh knew that they had to explain desperately to the cow, just like every you who tried to stop Party A from changing the manuscript.


Skinho merchants with no awe. Such people can never be Ultraman.

In the matter of Ultraman, you may never understand the heartbreak of the old kings.


But they understand that they are never alone.

This seemingly windy planet is actually undercurrent. Many people who have raised a flashlight for Diga, like Pharaoh, have sneaked into the crowd and guarded the world.

Among them, someone shuttled between the reincarnation, and the fan fans were so shaking, and the process of reversing human history at a critical moment;

Someone enters Hollywood to retain a trace of love of love for this world of singularity;

Someone chose a group debut and used a cosmic -level waist to clean the eyes that had been contaminated by the turning stage;

Someone rides on the beloved little motorcycle, patrolling in a beautiful village day and night;


Some people are fully integrated into the earth’s life, not only learned to play mahjong and landlords, but also can win the senior work of the artillery at the New Year;

Slippers have fallen, Diga, you go back and pick it up.

Some people were lost in the pleasure, and the illness of human beer belly was stubborn. Fortunately, he lost his way back, and finally re -put on the Ultraman’s jersey through the iron;

There are also people who have done everything to decide to live in the mountains, the Wrangler split firewood, and feed the chicken with legs.

Whenever Pharaoh faces the stubborn mortal, but he feels weak, he seems to be able to hear those Ultraman who scattered all over the world, and murmured in his ear:

“Pharaoh, I’m here.”

Pharaoh always emphasized that Ultraman is not a nostalgia. In fact, “Ultraman” is still updating today, and the output is very long -lasting.


Pharaoh scoffs at those who think Ultraman is just a childhood memory.

You know, Pharaoh’s kindergarten teacher has waited for more than 20 years, and has not yet waited for the day of Ultraman.

The initial blood nature of men’s life was inspired by Ultraman. From the end of the last century to today, this has never changed.

Twenty years ago, there were no PS teachers. At most, they could only rent a disc home to make up for the knowledge, so that they had a common topic with the children when they were at work.

It is much more convenient today. As long as the kindergarten is exposed inadvertently, a photo of the left -hand ELSA right -handed Altman can be dumbfounded on the spot.

The inheritance of Ottonic was also a ritual. The old king who had painted the painting of Tyro Altman in the homework book. Now there is already a cute nephew who grows up as Ultraman.

Pharaoh said proudly.

Pharaoh knew that maybe a few years later, the little nephew would find that he could not be Ultraman, and he was heartbroken.


But Pharaoh knows even more that as long as there is light in his heart, the little nephew will eventually become a Ultraman.

Just like Pharaoh himself, it looks flat, in fact, he is always prepared to face a new storm.

How many people have used this emoji, but do not know that this is Ultraman’s lyrics?

No one can laugh at Pharaoh’s childhood, and now the story of Pharaoh, and now he is passed on to the next generation.


Even if we all know, under the glossy skin, it is actually the Earth people, and there is no 40M height. Raising hands to answer questions will not cause classroom tragedies.

However, life is so difficult, and they always allow them to believe in light.

The popularity of Ultraman’s meeting, generally I don’t dare to compare with beans.

Like a lot of flaws, “Ultraman is true” will soon disappear in the vision of netizens. This is not important for the Pharaoh.


Ultraman officially did a event to realize his desire for many sick children.


Some of them just want to see Ultraman, some want to see Ultraman’s defeat of the monster, some are powerful, and they want to fight against Ultraman.


头 The beginning of this video reads: “I want to respond to their hearts.”

This sentence comes from “Mengbius Altman” broadcast in 2006. In the play, the captain’s old friend advised him to leave, but he said:


“I want to respond to their hearts, and in response to the secret of protecting our hearts, they are not just guarded -standing in the same place, experience the same pain, and share the same joy.”


Ultraman is the shield of this world. When humans have not realized the danger of the universe, Ultraman is already protecting us. (Pharaoh recit)

In the work, humans are the party guarded by Ultraman, and in the real world, they believe in the Pharaoh of Ultraman, guarding Ultraman.

This sudden Otter was enthusiastic, some people played a lively, some people felt true, and of course some people watched it coldly. I felt that these netizens were really ridiculous.

It is not necessary, anyway, the light of Otter is always in the hearts of the Pharaoh.

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