It is more fashionable to use “scarf” in early spring. These matching methods, I believe you can use it

Most people think that the scarf is an exclusive accessories in winter, and it will not be used in early spring, and naturally it will be put away early. But scarves are more versatile than Volkswagen, and more usage. In addition to wrapping the neck in winter to provide warmth, in early spring, if we want to keep the matching fresh, we must also be good at using scarves.


In the early spring, we know how to use the “scarf” to be more fashionable. For ordinary people who are always difficult to cover up the sense of people, this time I will share with you several ways of matching. I believe you can use it!

1. Change the scarf and put it on your hand

In many people’s cognition, the scarf is equal to the warm weapon, and only the function of wrapping the neck. In fact, otherwise, as one of the important decorations, the scarf can also have the effect of decorating and beautifying the dress.

For example, when we dress in early spring, we can put scarves at will to increase the coloring, and give people a gentle and casual tone, which has both bright and unintentional.

Mature women or girls with yellow skin tone, red or blue scarfs who like bright and magnificent atmosphere, are worried that it will not matter if they will expose the shortcomings of the skin color. Reduce the impact of bright colors on skin tone.


Most of the mature women’s wardrobes are basic models, such as simple short coats, capable suits or gentle sweater, and scarf can also emphasize the effect of mature style.


For example, the screws are similar to the sweater and knitted cardigan, which can easily enhance the gentleness of the shape. At the same time, the scarf can also weaken the serious attributes of suits and leather clothes.

When we carry the scarf on our hands to increase the color, we have a wide range of color selection, from bright colors to light color systems, to coffee colors, gray or beige, are all very good choices.


However, in the early spring dress, it pays attention to fresh and chic, so it still uses a scarf color that can improve the refreshing style, such as light blue, light pink or red.


Second, the scarf decorates the neck

This kind of use method is the most classic, and it is also the method that everyone often sees. The advantage is simple and convenient, and can cleverly shift their attention to move the center of gravity from the lower body to the upper body, which is more friendly to the small or pear -shaped figure.

And in the early spring, the temperature is still very low. If you want to improve the warmth effect, then this method is the best choice. Coupled with a lot of screws, girls who know how to use fancy scarves can also be more beautiful and make the dress more delicate.

Especially like these two methods above are more suitable for middle -aged women. The former allows the transition between the face and the top of the face, and the latter can make up for the shortcomings of the monotonous top of the basic top.

However, there are also disadvantages of this method of scarf, that is, the scarf is too close to the face, and you need to choose the color that is more friendly and better to set off the skin color.

Among them, beige, apricot, light coffee color, or dark coffee color here.

Third, scarf = shawl

Both shirts, sweaters, or sweaters are more popular items in early spring. In addition to being able to use other basic models to enrich the level, the public can also use scarves cleverly to avoid monotonous clothes.


On the selection of scarfs, in addition to choosing a soft but not soft -collapsed style, the color of the scarf has an important impact.


Compared with the scarf style of the complicated flower color pattern, the solid color models like the above are more suitable for ordinary people, versatile and simple.

In addition, it is not advisable to choose a scarf that is too narrow or too short. It will look cramped on the shoulders and not casually.

Large -scale scarfs are put on the shoulders at will, and you can wear a shawl with a sense of vision, and it looks lazy.

Fourth, color scarf+dark color matching

In addition to mastering the style of fancy scarf, ordinary people want to use a scarf to play fashion, showing the fresh and lively spring costumes, but also need to spend the color with color matching.

For example, selecting colorful color scarves with dark color clothing, with the help of color contrast to highlight the layered changes in the dress, sweet and stable.


The scope of this method is still very wide, and most of the age stages can easily learn from.

If you want to further enhance your fashion, you can also use a small area of ​​contrasting color. For example, here is a contrast with a red scarf and a ginger sweater.

It can be seen from the above that the scarf is still an important member of the spring. Mastering the use of the scarf above can make ordinary people more beautiful!

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