[Fashion match] Rock winds this summer are coming, alternative fashion

Speaking of rock, it is easy to remind people of crazy audiences at the concert scene and the same crazy musicians. But in fact, rock is an attitude. It is not only reflected in the shocking drums and screams of the musicians, it is also reflected in your lifestyle and behavior -of course, the most obvious, of course, still dress.


1. Skeleton is one of the most rolling elements with rock colors. A skull pattern can always bring a strong visual impact no matter where it is printed. Coupled with the loose version of the dot cut -out design, the loose and thinness also creates a randomness and rebellion.

(Title: Lu Yo Yo Yo Summer New Street Personalized Skeleton Pattern Polying Polying Bat Sleeve Short Sleeve T -shirt Women 063)

2. Classic rock wind rice vest. Brick red and dark blue retro color with a colorful color with seductive laziness and decadence. The capital letters create a typical American rock fan. Child and unruly.


(Title: 2014 summer new diamond Korean version of the slimming bottoming shirt printing vest camisole sleeveless personality tide cotton T -shirt)


3. Rock is exaggerated to make eyeballs. The complicated retro prints are full of the entire top, as if the picture that is printed directly from a graffiti wall, the deep and bright hue intertwined, and in a disorderly chaos, the feelings of the erosion, so that the feelings of erosion, so that People are amazing.

(Title: CCQUEEN autumn and winter new street personality graffiti pattern thin tide female loose fine line knit sweater D47)

4. Pure white always looks so simple and elegant, but denim has a natural rock style. The uniquely grinding design gives the white a bit of decadent and wild temperament, and the broken drill of the stars make the sharp foot pants have a full rock taste.

(Title: 2014 spring new product white denim trousers personally inlaid drilling and cutting hole style, small feet pencil pants Korean version thin buttocks)

5. Black is undoubtedly the best interpretation of rock wind. The loose black bat T -shirt with golden printing is very unique in a candy color in spring and summer. But what about that, rock is never low -key, just like our love.

(Title: Couples Summer Summer 2014 Summer Women’s Skirt Couple Short -sleeved T -shirt QLZ Personal Fashion Tide Mictel QL)


6. It is also a skull, and this one looks much restrained. The small round neck and bubble sleeves are full of sweet and sweet, and Korean loose clothes are even more fresh and simple. Essence


(Title: Yi Nian Town Spring 2014 European Station New Tide T -shirt Female White Shirt Fashion Personality European and American style)


7. Who said that there is simplicity without rock? Design is a very magical thing. The innovation of cutting alone can make an ordinary white T -shirt exuding a different vitality. What’s more is the small devil horns on the side of the clothes. Then It seems that the rebellion from hell is the ultimate mysteries of rock wind.

(Title: Designer brand Punk Rave 2014 spring new punk short -sleeved female T -shirt asymmetry personality T -shirt female)

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