How to choose ladies underwear? From the fabric to the style, the choice is right

What is your underwear?

Is it briefs, thongs or high -waisted pants?

Most girls choose underwear, usually look at the face value first, then look at the size, and finally look at the fabric.

The size is the easiest to choose. You can choose according to your waist, hip, and thigh fence. But do you know how to choose styles and fabrics? Is thong more healthy or unhealthy than high waist pants? Is cotton underwear or polyester fiber underwear?


Move the small bench, choose the underwear class to start class ~


Although the underwear is worn in clothes, the girl who loves beauty is very concerned about the face value of TA, let’s start with the face value ~


First of all, the least ingredients. The front style is the same as ordinary underwear, but there is only a slender part of the fart, just like the word “Ding”.

In fact, as long as you don’t choose too tight thongs, it can also be bought. The advantage of wearing thongs is that you can avoid visible underwear lines, especially farts. When wearing tight skirts, it is a good choice, but some people may have discomfort.

In short, a word,

A good pair of underwear is that you can’t feel its existence after you wear it

If you are uncomfortable, then this thong or other style underwear is not worth buying again.

Bikini swimwear

This kind of underwear can wrap more fart parts than thongs. The waistline is not high and the legs are large. Similar to the bikini underwear in the swimsuit. In summer, if you want to wear underwear more cool, you can choose this style.


Low waist


This low waist style is just on your hips, slightly lower than your waist, more fabrics around the hips and wider fabrics. Compared with Bikini swimming trousers, the leg opening will be smaller. When wearing low -waist jeans, or when you need to squat, you don’t want to expose the side of the panties. You can choose this low -waist pants.

Flat -angle shorts

Women’s flat -angle underwear, its rectangular shape is in all types of ladies underwear. The leg coverage is the highest. When wearing a casual or loose skirt, you can choose this flat -angle underwear, similar to the function of leggings. Because if the skirt is not careful, the flat -angle underwear looks like a cross point between underwear and shorts, which is not easy to embarrassed.

High waist pants

Almost every girl is inevitable small fat on the abdomen, so many people will feel stuck in the abdomen even if we wear no trace underwear. At this time, high -waist underwear can provide the maximum comfort. Many people still prefer high waist underwear. During autumn and winter, high waist pants are a good choice.

High -waist body panties

High -waist than high waist pants, which is a high -waisted body panties.

This type of underwear can make your waist lines more beautiful, generally higher than above the navel, either extended to the bras of the bra, some even the bra and panties. When wearing a evening dress, you can choose for the lines, but this kind of bodybuilding underwear is not suitable for daily daily wear.

There are many styles and many materials.


Natural material


: Cotton, silk, hemp

Chemical synthetic material



Renewal fiber: artificial cotton, Modal, ice silk, bamboo fiber

Synthetic fiber: Lyca, polyester, nylon


Choose in a healthy way, cotton underwear is the best, especially for people who are more sensitive to the skin itself. but

Cotton underwear also has disadvantages

The higher the cotton content, the thicker the fabric, the worse the breathability. For girls who love sweats in secret, it is easier to promote the occurrence of inflammation due to impermeability, and it is not suitable for wearing in the hot summer.


In summer, it is recommended to wear hemp and silk underwear, which is thin and breathable, but generally relatively high prices.

In fact, the underwear is not necessarily a good natural material. With the advancement of technology, many fabrics can be comfortable and beautiful.

1. Plant fabric

Artificial filament (ice silk panties), Modal fiber (also known as Modal cotton), bamboo fiber underwear

They are made of plants, although they are chemically treated, from technical levels that do not belong to natural products. But these fabrics are super soft and hanging, usually with the function of moisture absorption and sweating, so they are drying faster than cotton.

For example, in the summer, the underwear store sells ice -silk underwear, does it sound like the ice is cold? This ice silk underwear is comfortable and soft, with thin fabrics, suitable for summer wear.

Modal underwear, raw materials comes from beylum and spruce. Modal products are as soft as cotton, as well as the gloss and smoothness of silk products, and feel comfortable.

Bamboo fiber underwear, this material is used as raw materials through bamboo green. Bamboo fiber materials made after high temperature cooking and extraction. Generally, this bamboo fiber fabric has the function of antibacterial and bacteriostatic, good water absorption, and more environmentally friendly.

2. Performance fiber


Synthetic fibers (such as polyester and nylon) are common in sportswear because they are moisturizing and quickly dry. For the same reason, these fibers are also used for underwear, especially during exercise. Lace underwear is also made of synthetic fibers. Just remember to clean it in time after sweating, so as not to cause infection and stimulation in the underwear area.

3. Silk

Silk is not common and expensive, but silk is a natural fiber with luxurious feel, and has inherent temperature adjustment and humidity management characteristics. If the local tyrants don’t mind, they can consider starting.


There are many panties of synthetic fiber on the market, such as spandex, polyester, etc., and such as panties and other panties are often novel and beautiful. They can be made into hollow and lace.


If your skin is sensitive, it is recommended not to choose this kind of fabric, which may cause itching and redness of the skin; but if your skin is not sensitive, you can wear such materials Put on. But we recommend more


Choose the crotch library is 100%cotton panties


As for the fabrics in other parts of the underwear, you can choose according to the beauty of the style.

After buying back panties, remember to do these things well:

1. The newly bought underwear should be cleaned before wear.

Underwear is generally processed by the production line, and the workers are packed by hand. When you buy underwear, you can also see it. Many people will touch it with their hands when they buy underwear. It is recommended that the underwear is bought home.

Wash with a washing machine or hand, dry it in the sun and then wear

2. Try not to choose dark panties

On the one hand, dark panties need to go through more dyeing procedures than light -colored underwear. Dark panties with poor dyeing are risky, which is not good for health. Secondly, if the body has abnormal bleeding or abnormal leucorrhea, light -colored underwear can be discovered early, we recommend

Especially for 40 -year -old+women, the first choice of light colored underwear.

3. Change underwear

Change the underwear every day, clean the underwear immediately, and dry it in the sun. Do not wash the underwear for a week and then wash it together. The bacteria will slowly breed. In addition to daily cleaning, it is recommended to change new underwear for 3 to 4 months to avoid bacterial breeding.

How to choose underwear, summarize:

1. Select the appropriate underwear according to your own waist, hip circumference, and thigh fence. If the style is too tight, it may occur, rash, and stimulating the skin.

2. If the overall material of the underwear is synthetic fiber, it is recommended that the first choice of the crotch is 100%cotton products.


3. Whether you like bikinis, high waist panties or thongs, the ideal underwear is that you can’t feel its existence all day.

Being a person like a bamboo,

Every time you go further, you have to do a summary.


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