“Cabbage price” cream in autumn and winter: You are disliked because of the price, but you have become a “new favorite” of foreigners

Winter is here quietly, and it comes without a sound. Give our face dry and peeling

Find a heart ~

At this time, the baby who is still using water milk, please note that whether you are dry at this time or still smooth, you can use the cream to use it in case of it.

Many friends often ask me privately. She has done a good job of moisturizing and hydrating. Applying the mask water milk. Why do you put on makeup? Ugly.

Don’t worry, today I will introduce a few good creams to you. We are introduced from the aspects of ingredients, safety and efficacy.

SANA Sanan Bean Milk Milk Skin Nourishing Cream

This is very heavy, it is easy to push away and can be absorbed, not oily

It is developed specially added with collagen and pure natural tofu extract (soybean isoflavone). It is said that it has the effect of making the skin delicate and fair, and promoting the deep penetration of the skin to achieve the skin.


Effectively promote the delicate and smooth skin. It belongs to pure natural care products, without spices, no mineral oil, no coloring, and the nature is very mild

Qichu Baby Moisturizing Cream

Kaichu’s things are not just cheap, the effect is also good, at least the reputation is good

Let’s talk about its ingredients first. First of all, its base is bitter, sunflower triglyceride. That is, a person is close to a lipid of human sebum, which is good for the repair of the skin. The second is to add

Corner shark anne ingredients, strong skin -friendly, good repairing skin, barrier effects, more of which provide a certain closure to promote skin self -repair

Essence This is why it is called “Ke Run’s parity replacement”, right?

Kaichu Cream is divided into




Two types. Generally speaking, Bolun is suitable for dry skin. Hydrunctia is oily skin. It is dry and sensitive to mixed skin like me.

Screenshot comes from cosmetics ingredients query true self app


In contrast, the matching score of hydraulic models and my skin quality is so high,

Still choose the cream that is more suitable for your skin,


Chunjuan Qi Shuang

It is said that it can cure acne, the skin feels thick, and it will become a lot of use of the oil essence


To say that the effect is really effective for fire acne, it may have a certain effect of soothing and anti -inflammatory, because


Heavy texture

, There are many abervables in hard liposol, so it is still very moisturizing


The main active ingredients are astragalus root extracts, glycerin, and mannan.

Under the ingredients query, Astragalus root extract is indeed added, which is a medicinal material that can effectively fight aging.

There are also avocado trees. The main ingredient of Kyan’s avocado frost is this. In addition, the moisturizing ingredients of glycerin and mineral oil are added. The mineral oil is strong, which can effectively form a “film” on the surface of the skin.

Effective moisturizing is not dry, but it is not friendly to oily skin

In terms of ingredients, Chunjuan Astragalus Cream is still considerable, the price is cheap, and the ingredients that should be added are also added

However, this cream is not suitable for me


I detect the skin texture with my personal skin in the true self app

There are only 6 types of matching degree, there are 6 ingredients that are not suitable for me

It greatly exceeds the ingredients that suits me. I look at the ingredients that are not suitable for me is fragrance and preservatives. Although these ingredients are added very little, for me such a dry sensitive skin, it is still not suitable for me.


Even if it is boiled, I don’t use it because it is not suitable for my skin.

Yu Meijing Children’s Cream

I personally like Yu Meijing, it is really cheap cabbage price. And recently, the editor found that foreigners like this so much

The key effect is very good. If you change the seasonal eczema or something, the school doctor will use Yu Meijing, and other cosmetics will not be used. A week later, the face is just fine


The cream is a bit oily, and the baby with oily skin should be cautious

Essence Hey, if you buy it home, you can still be a hand cream.


Queen’s brand film 珠 Pearl Cream

The cream is light yellow cream,


The texture is slightly thick

Do not apply it cheaply when using oily skin.

The moisturizing effect is good, there is no whitening effect

The acne is slightly more applied, and many babies use tablet to remove the acne, saying that the effect is good. As for those who have acne on the face, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital to check to see how the skin doctor said before using the products that treat acne. After all, acne and acne are not the same.



How good it is to use Coix Seed Water, everyone knows, the latest bottle of cream is a large bottle, which can be used as a sleep mask and a cream

It is a more moist texture, and many creams are heavy. It is very refreshing after applying, and it is well absorbed, and the skin feels good.

It is the effect of pure hydration. There are not too many other anti -aging/firming/whitening. It can lock the essence of the front and it will be OK, and it will not be stuffed because of thickness.

Very gentle


The desert big dry skin is not recommended to use

Yes, the moisturizing is not so strong, but the skin feels good

boots cucumber cream

This cream is really hot. I went to Xiaoweo, and I was touting, but here, Miss ‘True Sister’ is not recommended to use everyone.

Screenshot comes from cosmetics ingredients True APP

The small cucumber series are relatively affordable, and there are many people used. Many people say that they are easy to use. Essence Essence

This cream is clearly displayed under the query of the real app, and it is clear.

Contains 5 kinds of fragrance,

What is this concept and contains 4 risk components. Generally, cosmetics will add 2 fragrance, but this one is added with 5 types. Long -term use will stimulate the skin.


The most important thing is

It ’s not suitable for my skin. There are 7 types of ingredients that are not suitable for my skin. The scores that match my skin quality are not high.


Tell all the beautiful eyebrows, even if you cheap things, don’t be suitable for yourself, you can’t be greedy for that little cheaper is not responsible for his face.

PS: Ask me, how is the cosmetics composition,

They are all done in the cosmetics ingredient query app.

Anyway, Xiaobian has been using it

Screenshot comes from cosmetics ingredients query true self app

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