Crystal bead curtain partition renderings, now the partitions are popular in this way

Do you still remember the glittering light purple crystal bead curtain in a dream? This is also the most representative decoration item in the TV series. Crystal bead curtain is a common room decorative item. It also has a very important role is to partition. How should crystal bead curtain be partitions? See this group provided by you

Crystal bead curtain partition renderings

Bar, the original partition can also become so beautiful.

Crystal bead curtain partition is not a home decoration that is only available in modern times. A long time ago, some of the ladies of some large households also use crystal bead curtains as partitions. Crystal crystal clearness cannot be replaced by other materials, and it is easier for crystal bead curtain partitions to partition. Create a romantic home atmosphere. Let’s take a look at how these crystal bead curtain partition renderings create different home beauty.

1. Porch Crystal Pearl Curtain partition renderings

One of the role of the porch is to storage and one is to cover. The obstruction here means timely partition. The porch can avoid people who see the indoor scene too directly and improve the indoor privacy. What materials are good for the porch partition? We also introduced it before. We also introduced it before. Many of the content of the porch materials, wood and iron are good choices, but the beauty of these materials is the lack of a little romantic and soft feeling. The crystal bead curtain partition introduced to you today just solves this problem.

This crystal bead curtain partition renderings show how to use the bead curtain partition in the porch. The crystal bead curtain has not extended to the ground completely, but chose a half -waist design. If it is the entire design of the whole face, it will inevitably affect the storage effect of the porch, so that there is no room to create a shoe cabinet. The half -waist design hangs the crystal bead curtain in the wooden partition. People can vaguely see the indoor scene through the curtains. Add a hazy beauty to the room. Is this a porch crystal beaded curtain partition renderings you like?

Second, bedroom crystal bead curtain partition effect map

Now there are bathrooms in some bedrooms. The traditional main guard design is to separate the bedroom and bathroom directly with a door. Although this design is also very practical, it always lacks some beauty. This crystal bead curtain partition renderings add a beautiful scenery between the bedroom and the bathroom. After all, the bathroom in the master bedroom is not very important for the privacy. The crystal bead curtain closer door adds the romantic atmosphere of the bedroom, which looks particularly emotional. This kind of crystal bead curtain partition does not hinder people’s vision, so the entire space looks more spacious.

Third, kitchen crystal bead curtain partition renderings

Open kitchen is one of the relatively fashionable designs now, and the open space looks particularly designed. But in order to make a more clear functional area, what materials are good? Crystal bead curtain partition is very good. In this crystal bead curtain partition renderings, a row of blue crystal bead curtains made on the kitchen bar. The crystal clear crystal bead curtain and the blue edge in the bar cabinet echoed. The whole, and the romantic feeling of the bead curtain is also blended in the kitchen.

The editor of the three crystal beaded curtain partitions has been introduced. Crystal bead curtain is a type of partition material. If you also like this cute and exquisite partition design, you may also install a crystal bead curtain partition at home.

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