Record Diary Book

On a cold day, cold, many places across the country have snowflakes. Although not very large, it is enough to cheer. If you think about it, the naive is cold. I feel so good that I feel so good. I should add clothes. It is said that it is almost the same when it is frozen to cover the autumn. Although the new crown pneumonia has been controlled, it is still the possibility of recurrence. Now it is not as serious as at the beginning, but it is not considered. It is necessary to do a good job of personal protection and reduce the possibility of colds and fever. Today, I spent a day in the rain and rain. It is said that it is suitable for sleeping, but I do n’t have any sleep. Let ’s go according to the normal order. Gradually, the day is about to end, and the sky will be dark in a blink of an eye. I hope I can persist in learning more knowledge and practice words.

Articles I shared with you today: Start in a friendly way. As the saying goes, friends come from afar. Whether you know or not, you are friendly to me, and I will naturally not be embarrassed to you. In life, both relatives and friends and strangers must be expensive. If the two are arguing together, no matter who win, one person will be hurt, and even the possible damage will intensify. Therefore, in work and life, we must treat each other frankly and treat others. A letter that Zhang Ying and Zeng Guofan have written, in which this is written (Qianli repair is only for the wall, so why not let him three feet, the Great Wall is still there today, and I do n’t see Qin Shihuang that year. So, no matter what you do, take a step back. The sea is wide, and others may also be looking for the steps, depending on who given each other, so you must treat others friendly, don’t be stubborn, and say that losses are blessing. There is always a certain reason. The will of will.

Author: ArticleManager