The essential “trousers” matching in autumn, which is both demeanor and temperature, capable and intellectual

Most of the autumn wear is mainly long -sleeved and trousers. Girls’ dressing in autumn must have both demeanor and temperature. It can also wear extraordinary temperament.


The theme introduction is mainly based on trousers, and the loose and slim -fitting models can wear a good posture of girls. Some trousers modify leg shapes, and some can put on the advantages of legs.

Autumn loose trousers are thin and temperament


Most people are paired with trousers in autumn. The trousers are more warm, and they are also thinner at the same time, and loose trousers are also more friendly for micro -fat girls. Some.

The white high -waisted trousers with a slim top are very simple, and this is also a very daily black and white dress that can be worn in many occasions. The coat with a blue vertical striped cardigan is also capable and intellectual. Get it up in autumn trousers!


In fact, there are many styles of trousers wearing. White high -waisted trousers are designed in the middle line, so it will look more capable and slim. The top can be paired with a blue shirt, which will be gentle.

The shirt is very professional in the trousers, and it also highlights his mature side. The outside of the shirt can also be paired with a sweater vest, so that its warmth will be better. With classic black canvas shoes, it shows its youth and vitality.

Autumn is also a bit chilling, so naturally it must be paired with long pants. Long pants will not affect your matching style and beauty. On the contrary, you can bring a lot of warmth to yourself.


The top with a black sweater is simple and warm, comfortable and windy. It can also be matched in winter. The coat is paired with a dark coffee suit jacket to wear the intellectual temperament and powerful aura of girls. Shoes can be matched according to your preferences and habits, and canvas shoes will be more vibrant.

In addition to white trousers, more common and daily styles are black loose trousers. You can match the daily leisure style, and you can also wear more formal.

It is matched with a suit, a blue vertical striped shirt, which will give people a strong feeling of gas field. It is the kind of strong woman in the workplace. The shirt is tied into black pants, highlighting the height and waistline of the girl, and the waist also looks particularly thin. Some tricks should be learned.

Autumn slim trousers are thin and temperament

For girls with good figures, especially those with long legs, they must be paired with black slim trousers. Black slim trousers to decorate girls’ leg lines. From a visual point of view, they are also very thin.

And the top can be paired with a more loose clothes. The white bottoming shirt is equipped with a khaki suit jacket. This is also a very favorite style of mature women. Simple and simple, but there is an elegant temperament of an intellectual woman.

Jeans are daily wearing items all day long, and jeans itself is also a versatile nature. For girls of different ages, it has a style suitable for it. Like this set of wearing style is a daily simple model, white shirts look more clean and more clean.


A classic striped knitted sweaters can be paired outside the shirt, which is naturally simple and comfortable. A pair of youthful canvas shoes will also reduce the age of youth.

The retro blue nine -point jeans are also quite thin, and the pants are close to the straight tube, so it will further modify the leg shape, which is also suitable for cool autumn. The top with a white shirt is soft and tender, and is a typical workplace female master.


If you feel colder in autumn, you can also match a sweater knitwear outside the shirt, which will feel warmer, and it is also delicate to wear a pair of small leather shoes.

In the autumn season, the trousers make the daily match more elegant and intellectual, and we look full of vitality when we wear it.

Author: ArticleManager