Baking Xiaobai Introduction Guide-Raw Materials (1)

1. Egg

1) Standard eggs: Egg yolk is usually 15-20 grams, and egg white is usually 30-35 grams

2) Earth eggs: There is a problem of small yolk big egg whites. When used, it should be weighed according to the number of grams.

3) The higher the thick protein ratio, the more fresh the egg, the easier it is to pass

2. Sugar

(1) fine sugar (most commonly used)

1) Fine particles help the friction in the process, making the protein cream more delicate

2) Fine particles ensure that the protein cream can melt smoothly before completion

3) The temperature of fine sugar with high purity sugar is more accurate

4) Brand recommendation: Taikoo, South Korea TS

5) The difference between fine sugar and cotton sugar: The friction when passing is not as good as fine sugar

Clympite contains a small amount of sugar, water retention and moisture absorption are different from fine sugar

(2) Smooth/sugar powder

1) It is generally used for recipes with less liquid volume, such as cookie biscuits. Because the amount of liquid is small, the sugar is not easy to melt during the process of passing

2) Commercial frosting generally contains a small amount of starch, the purpose is to prevent moisture -proof blocks

Note: A. Do not use it to use in liquid in heating to avoid starch paste.

b. Family self -grinding sugar powder is generally difficult to achieve the fineness of commercially available sugar powder

3) Promote the brand: Taikoo

(3) Save of sugar: cooling room temperature, sealing moisture prevention

3. flour

(1) Type:

1) Low-gluten flour: The protein content is 6.5%-8.5%, suitable for making cakes and biscuits

2) Mid-gluten flour: protein content is 8.5%-10.5%, suitable for making Chinese cakes such as buns and steamed buns

3) High-gluten flour: The protein content is 10.5%-14.5%, suitable for making bread

Here we focus on low -gluten flour:

(1) Source of raw materials: imported Mai, Gamai, Australia and Mai is the most common

1) Variety: soft white wheat -soft white wheat

2) Compared with “hard red wheat” (for production high -gluten flour), the soft and white grinding is high, the protein content is slightly lower, and the score rate is high

3) Domestic wheat is affected by the concepts of “retention”, which is prone to hybridization. It is difficult to retain the characteristics of the original wheat species

4) Try to choose the flour that is simply only “wheat flour” for raw materials

(2) Fineness: Generally, low powder grinds between 80-100 and the highest level of fineness is 120 meters. The main impact of the main impact of the use experience

(3) Gray score: refers to the content of the remaining inorganic objects after the flour sample is fully burned

1) The lowest gray in the wheat embryo is about 0.35%-0.55%

2) The highest gray of bran and paste layer is the highest, up to 7.5%-10.8%

3) French flour is generally graded with grayscale scores.

4) 0.7%of the national standard is the first -level standard

5) High -quality low powder gray score can be as low as 0.4%below

For example: Nissan’s Riqing; domestic Zhengu Nongxin, Xinliang Velvet

6) The higher the wheat that is closer to the wheat core, the higher the processing accuracy, the lower the gray rate

7) The higher the gray rate of the flour with the more additives

8) The “chemical” of high -quality cakes is directly related to the low ash score of flour

(3) Recommended brands: Zhengu Nong Low Wheat Powder, Xinliang Black Gold series velvet cake powder, Riqing violet thinner powder

(4) Preservation method: The room temperature is cool, sealing moisture -proof

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