Rex rabbit skin? Mink? stupidly can not tell?

Speaking of flags, the first impression of everyone is a derogatory term, and it is to pick bones in the eggs and deliberately find faults. However, in terms of the fur processing industry, it is actually a test and processing process, and it is also the source of the original meaning of the word. In the fur industry, faults can be regarded as improving. As a producer, the purpose of the fault is to discover the subtle quality problems of fur and deal with problems.

So today, I will give you a popular knowledge of fur.

First of all, Xiaobian wants to let everyone see that the real hair is blowing like this.

Of course, show you how to teach you how to blow hair. You must have hair first. The following editors teach you how to avoid being fooled by merchants when buying fur.

The gossip is less, and the first part of the starting part is to distinguish the mink velvet and the otter rabbit hair.


The two kinds of fur fabrics of mink fur and the otter rabbit skin are more common now. These two fabrics are well distinguished, because the mink is two levels: needle hair and fluff (also called bottom). Needle hair is short and densely soft.

The mink is the fur fabric left after removing the needle fur.

Because the length and density of the otter rabbit fur are closer to the fluff of mink, some traitors will pretend to be mink velvet clothes when they are sold, and consumers will obtain huge profits.

How to distinguish whether a piece of fur is mink or otter rabbit skin?

First of all, I want to tell you that there are relatively few clothing with mink velvetes, because good mink has more layers and natural colors with needle hair hair and bottom velvet. Mao pulls off with mink velvet? In the past, most of the mink velvet was because some mink pupplings were not good (the needle hair was too long or not neat). Now for the mink that is not good, the mink that is not good can be treated with new processes such as cutting hair and cutting flowers. Minks can retain more levels and natural colors (the mink fur after cutting can also distinguish with needle hair and fluff, with hard needle hair, soft fluff). Therefore, there are few mink clothing manufacturers made of mink velvet fabrics. Unless there are some special designs or some mink that can not be handled by cutting hair, it is used to make mink velvet.

Therefore, the best strategy to prevent flicker is -try not to choose mink velvet fabrics, unless you encounter the style that you really like, and the seller tells you that this is mink velvet. Then you look down.

1. Although the density of the otter rabbit hair is close to the mink velvet, the length is still longer. Therefore, it is generally used to use the otter rabbit hair to keep the otter rabbit hair shorter. Since cutting it, it will inevitably leave a trace of cutting, characterized by the cutting tip of the fur, and the tidy degree of the cutting rabbit hair surface that has been cut is usually flatter than the mink velvet.

2. The mink eats meat and fish. The otter rabbit is grass. Therefore, to the firmness of the fluff, the mink is obviously better than the otter rabbit hair. Twist, rub, rub it with your fingers (pay attention not to get too hard and let the merchant discover it), it is usually the top rabbit hair that can be made.

In addition, there are some unreliable methods, Xiaobian reminds you not to try it. For example, the method of burning with fire, the burning taste of the otter rabbit hair and mink velvet is burned as the hair burning. pimple. There is also a method of reflecting on the hair, and the otter rabbit has the same hair as the same as the mink.

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