The truth about the Swiss handmade watch

Whether it is self -produced seems to be the core competitiveness of the modern watch industry. If you are an independent watchmaking company without self -producing machines, then this company will survive very difficult, especially in the ETA machine to decide to reduce supply to the most serious 2012. However, it is not easy to want to be self -produced. In addition to the world’s well -known big brand enterprises, small watch -making companies face huge amount of machine -based research and development investment and production costs. Of course Heart, this is the beginning. Consumers are recognized and unstable (this is highly tested for the new machine), and then a series of issues such as sales pricing and profit space.


Of course, the ability of a watchmaking enterprise to produce its own production machine is considered to be an ancient watchmaking tradition. However, the facts are a bit different.

Modern watchmaking companies often order parts and machines outside

Consumers who have not been exposed to Swiss watchmaking may feel that this expensive watch comes from the clock and watches located in the Jurassic Mountains. Under the careful production of the watchmakers with white hair, they are skilled in handling of each. Press parts, of course, are the pictures of business advertisements of many Swiss watchmakers. Is this really true?

Of course, there was a history. Swiss watchmakers used small lathes to cut metal fragments into the wheel system and splint in their huts to eliminate long and cold winter. As the industrial revolution has made the cost of watchmaking in Britain and France too high, Switzerland has received this stick to seek more effective production methods.


As a result, traditional Swiss aircraft manufacturing companies Valjoux, Lemania, and ETA appeared. These companies only produce machine hearts, which means that these companies can increase output, reduce management costs, and supply machines for watch -making companies emerging in various places. This includes companies such as Rolex, Haoya and Bailian Ling, which directly purchases the minds from these companies. When Rolex was unable to make a time -consuming opportunity at the beginning, the Dicong La watch was equipped with the 72 -type machine heart produced by Valjoux. Until today, Haoya and Bailian still have most of the models that are still using third -party machine -conscious enterprises.

This is the beauty of Swiss watchmaking companies: these watchmaking companies have not invested huge funds into a single and simple machine -based research and development, and they can also produce complex and changeable watches. In particular, the timing of the time, although this type of timing function has a high technical threshold, can still be used and carried forward by some without technical strength but brand influence.

This is very similar to the car industry that we are more familiar with. A car manufacturer will not make money from beginning to end to make car tires, suspensions, brakes and even seats, etc. Come to complete, and finally complete a overall car through the assembly and transfer of automobile companies, which is the same for the watchmaking industry. In 1969 Heuer Monaco (Monaco Haoya, the predecessor of Tiger Haoya) and other watchmakers jointly developed the Calibre11 automatic timing of time, the new machine needs the bold watch design to promote The manufacturer Piquerez asked him to design a unique square case.

These watches are not high -end and expensive, so can top brands be completely self -produced?

In fact, with the sales price, the current average price of the model is Richard Mille, Richard Mille, but do you know? Richard did not have a self -produced machine before this year. All its watches used Vaucher’s heart at the low -end, and the high -end use of the APRP machine. It was not until the beginning of this year that the first “semi -self -produced” machine was launched obscure, and of course it was not used in large quantities.

By 2004, Patek Philippe could not produce a self -produced timing, so at the beginning of the Valjoux timing heart, and later replaced the Lemania machine heart. Although Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, Jiang Shiconton are famous for their incredible complex machines, many basic machines are still supplied outside.


Many top watchmaking companies are the same. The list is very long: Jiang Shiconton, Richard Mille, Breguet, Blancpain, etc. Of course, there are Patek Philippe. We may now know that Patek Philippe is because of its exquisite self-made CH 29-535 PS, but for a long time, the brand’s Lemania’s time is used. Patek Philippe also purchased the heart from Jaeger -LeCoultre and Valjoux, and even commissioned Victorin Piguet (now Frederic Piguet) to improve its simple machine to achieve complex functions such as central seconds (early watches).

But don’t worry, don’t panic. Like these top -level watches, after buying ready -made machines, these top -level watches often carry out large -scale meticulous transformation. It The style is incorporated into the artwork that the watchmakers rely on to build a reputation, and the real skills are to complete handwork.


When Rolex’s Dutong uses El Primero at the high -frequency heart at the early stage, it will reduce the frequency of 36,000 times per hour to 28,800 times to ensure the optimality of his products.

Watch machine heart is the field of large -scale production

Half a century ago, watch companies produced a lot of watches more than now, so why did they suddenly use outsourcing machines today? The backwardness of technology or the loss of morality? In fact, in today’s modern industrialization, it is necessary to efficiently produce high -quality machine hearts. This industry requires a clear division of labor to be a supporting industry. This is an inevitable result of the development of an industry.


In fact, these big brands are also capable of creating more self -produced parts, mid -end brands such as Longines and Whali. The honor they now get far less than decades ago. Development has made sacrifice adjustments. For example, in the heyday, there are more than 800 employees and 7 factories, with an annual output of more than 1.2 million clocks. Today, this scale is also a super large factory in the industry.

Langqin is also. Its 13.33Z chronograph is the first time code watch produced by the watch. It has created the brand traditional of self -made high -precision chronograph that lasted more than 50 years. Equipped with a flying heart, and for more than a decade, it has been the only heart with flying back. Langqin was as great as Rolex at the time and had a high reputation in the industry. Langqin watch was also a chronograph partner of professional athletes at the time. Its famous chronograph became a timing tool for racing, skiing and horse racing. Even Charles Lindbergh wore a Langqin watch on a single -person flight from New York for the first time. Longines is famous for its solid, accurate, and award -winning self -made mindset. Patek Philippe has also dreamed of asking such opportunities. Including the most automatic automatic machine heart today, the Lemania machine.


However, with the change of technology, the heart of the machine no longer becomes the most important value of watches. Today’s watch requires many aspects such as material science, watchmaking concepts, and brand influence. Essence

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