Article 233: French black evening dress skirt, lady banquet temperament, small luxury birthday skirt

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, A blogger who likes to share fashion wear experience. Essence Regardless of how our wardrobe is more downs, the small black skirt has always standing, and we can always have a place in our wardrobe.

The small black skirt can be said to be a matching item suitable for various occasions, and the most versatile design is easier to match other items. I will share with you today:


French black evening dress skirt, lady banquet temperament, small light luxury birthday skirt

Essence I hope to inspire you and go further in dressing.


The color of the bride’s wedding dress has exceeded tradition. Those who go to the wedding are of course no problem wearing black. Black can also be elegant or noble colors. Black also represents power, sexy, mature, formal, wealth, mystery, depth, and the most important thing is pure style.

Every annual meeting is a place for the company’s women to fight for. In addition to talent, the most important thing is how to make yourself overwhelming the Fangfang and become the focus. The off -shoulder design is adopted to show the slender neck and the beautiful collarbone. The biggest highlight is the design of the skirt, just like the galaxy, giving people romantic and mysterious colors. The high waist design directly stretched the proportion of legs.

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